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Coach Tony’s Top FitRadio Playlists

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Hey CFPB Fam, since we are all working out at home and remotely. It’s important you have a great playlist to get you started and keep you going. Music often pushes me in my workout as I get out of my own head and get lost in the music.

We recommend downloading the Fitradio app for your phone. It has playlists across all genres. The search feature on the phone is also really easy. Just search your favorite artist and playlists with them in it will come up. Searching “song title” won’t get you any results back, just artist or playlist name. To find these playlists you can enter the playlist name in the search and it will find them.

There is also an interval timer on Fitradio, so you get a DJ and a clock all in one.

I separated my favorite playlists by category. There are tons of good alternative, rock, and 80’s playlists out there too that I enjoy but didn’t list them with these top ones.

Most Frequently Played

DJ Kerry Glass – Up Down
DJ Kerry Glass – Boy oh badinga
DJ Kerry Glass – My squad 100 bpm
DJ Steady130 – Gametime vol. 1 (vol.2, vol.3, & vol.4)
DJ Mami Chula – Flippin the 2000s

Current-ish Hip Hop
DJ Bogz – Stunna hits
DJ Axcess- Ultimate party pt. 2
DJ Kerry Glass – Trap and train
DJ Mami Chula – Step it tight

Good mix of rap/rock/random
DJ Rolemodel- Encore
DJ Steel – Rock star hiit
DJ Scotty Fox – Party hard
DJ Rolemodel – Hypnotize
Just Jayr – Give it away 100 bpm

Ol school hip hop
DJ Feel X- Uptown anthem
DJ Scotty Fox – Holla back
DJ Axcess – Gym jams vol 2
DJ CO1 – Strike it up

More for my BeachFit Peeps
DJ Rolemodel – Go go get some 160bpm
DJ Dynamix- Fire females
DJ Bogz – Throwback power
Jason Jani – Nonstop Moomba
DJ Mami Chula – Look at me now workout hip hip

Strength WODs (My version of “Easy Listening”)
DJ Scotty fox – Where’s the party at
DJ Scotty fox – Ugly
DJ Mami Chula – I got a woman
DJ Forerunner – Ante up: 2k Hip-Hop