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Books and Bowls – Living with a Seal

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Attention Book Club Readers!

Books and Bowls Meeting 3 is officially set for Thursday November 29th and we are currently reading “Living with a Seal” by Jesse Itzler

“If you want to be pushed to your limits, you have to train to your limits.” -SEAL

You’re in store for an entertaining and motivating read about Jesse Itzler and his trainer SEAL. This book goes into ways of making a typical 24 hour day into a day that where so much is accomplished it feels like you’ve gained an extra 3 hours. 

It helps us find ways to raise the bar of our own limitations, and how to become more comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Both of which are necessary for GROWTH. 

“Know what’s important to you and protect it at all costs.” -SEAL

Some of the lessons Jesse learns from training with SEAL that he continues to practice daily are below…

Do Something Hard Every Day

Don’t Put Off the Little Things—Just Get Them Done


Say NO to stuff (even though Jesse committed to saying YES to Seal)

Have a Plan

In our next Books and Bowls Meeting we are going to discuss:

What is the 40% rule and how can you PRACTICE it?

What are some examples of “little things”, that you put off? How is life different when you “get them done”?

What does “having a plan” mean to you regarding your life?

We can’t wait to meet again to discuss this hilariously captivating and motivating book. Maybe Jesse Itzler will even show up himself!? [We’ve invited him ;)]

Again, bring a healthy dish, your appetite and an open mind! We look forward to having a great discussion and growing our community. Please invite others to our group and help us spread the word about this event.