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Books and Bowls – Chasing Excellence

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Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron
A Story about building the world’s fittest athletes.

Ben is one the world’s leading CrossFit coaches. 0.012 percent of the world’s athletes get to compete at the Games.
So if you’re not training to be better than the 0.012 percent, why would you read his book? This story focuses on the 2016 CrossFit games, but really dives into the 12 characteristics he teaches his athletes to embrace so they can BE the best version of themselves. Below are three examples of these characteristics and how they can apply not only to fitness and competition, but how they apply to being the BEST version of yourself.

Commitment. This is where we begin. What can we commit to moment to moment to BE the BEST version of ourselves. Ben is inspired by Coach Vince Lombardi’s philosophy of chasing perfection relentlessly, in order to catch excellence. Excellence being the BEST version of you. Not settling for good enough, and having the guts to show up moment to moment being the best version of yourself.

Grit. “The essential aspect of grit, the harder you get knocked down, the harder you get up and push back.”

The science of GRIT-having emotional stamina. The harder something is, the MORE committed YOU are.

Aspects of GRIT :


All in. A passion that is like a compass, driving and guiding you.


Show up day after day, but in the reps and the time.


Is this about MORE than just YOU? You need a bigger picture.


Your future will be better than your present


Our brains evolved to SEE the negative as instinctual self-protection. I.E. we are more attune to the LION than the BUTTERFLY.  What we pay attention to, we SEE more of. I.E. when you buy a car, all of a sudden you start SEEING that car everywhere! The same goes for positive and negative thinking. If we focus on the negative we start collecting evidence to support that perception. Same with positivity, so being relentless on SEEING the positive.

Get the book and get inspired to take your life to the next level! See you at Books and Bowls.