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Book Club – Flex Your Intellect

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CrossFit Palm Beach Book Club

Hey Fit Fam- Whit here! 

I wanted to introduce you all (and see who is interested in) a CFPB book club! WTF is a book club? Well this is not a cucumber-sandwich-with-the-crust-cut-off club! We would meet one Thursday evening/month to go over the assigned book. This will be an evening to gather, share what we learned from the book, or share an experience we had from our reading. I will assign 3 “homework” questions per book to keep us all accountable and will allow 4 weeks of reading time per book.

Each book we will read will be geared towards some kind of personal development. Even if you have read these books before, you are ENCOURAGED to participate as you will have great insight and hopefully get something new from the reading.

Are you in?!

The first book we are taking on is “The Obstacle is The Way” written by Ryan Holiday (You may recognize him as the Author of the Daily Stoic) This book is about a very specific line from Marcus Aurelius [stoic philosopher] “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way” In his words are the secrets to an art known as turning obstacles upside down. Of acting with “a reverse clause,” so there is always a way out or another route to get to where you need to go. So that setbacks or problems are always expected and never permanent. Of making certain what impedes us, can empower us.

Our first meeting will be:

 Thursday 9/13/18 at 7:00 PM
in the BeachFit Gym

We will discuss the following questions:

Whatʼs the biggest obstacle youʼve faced and what benefits were you able to derive from it?

Is there anything so bad that itʼs not an opportunity? Anything so bad that it is utterly without benefits?

How do you know when to stick and when to quit?