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Book Club Round 2

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CFPB Family!

Thank you all for supporting Books and Bowls! We had a great 1st meeting last week. Please know that anyone at anytime can be a part of the book club. Not all meetings will be exactly the same, but there will always be good for for our Bowls, discussion of the book, and a vote on our next book of the month. 

Speaking OF…the next book we are reading is called Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by author Greg McKeown

This book has been suggested to me multiple times by different people. 

This book is a must read for people (like us) interested in being efficient and productive it challenges us to think about what and how we are spending our time. 

“What is it that holds capable, driven people from breaking thru-to the next level?” 

McKeown answers this question with his diatribe about the pursuit of MORE.

When we forget our ability to choose, we learn to be helpless. In turn, we surrender our power to choose. That is the path of the Nonessentialist.”

This book dives into becoming clear about WHAT IS ESSENTIAL? McKeown becomes a guide that takes us thru the process of saying NO to the “trivial many” so we can FOCUS on the “essential FEW”.

”Mine your past for play memories. What did you do as a child that 

excited you? How can you re-create that today?”

As you are going thru this book, contemplate or even journal about these questions [as we will be going over them in our next book club meeting]

  • What is an essentialist (by your learned definition)
  • Why is it important to practice saying NO?
  • What is the 90% rule?
  • What is ESSENTIAL?

”No More Yes. It’s Either HELL YEAH! Or No.”

Our next meeting is officially October 11th 7pm in the Beachfit or North Building. 

Please join our Facebook page
CFPB Book Club to keep up to date, and communicate what food you can bring to the Books and Bowls Meeting! Looking forward to seeing you all there!