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Extra Credit 6.10.19

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Monday 6.10.19

WOD: “Training Wheels”

Extra Credit:
Every 2:00 for 10 minutes perform:

2 Hang Squat Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch

*This should be a weight that you can hit the 3 reps with no misses, and also can focus on technique. You may choose to slightly add weight after a few sets.



Tuesday 6.11.19

WOD: “Race to the Rock

Extra Credit:

Complete 5 sets of 5 reps at 70% of your 1 Rep Max Bench Press*
*After each set perform 15 Banded Tricep Push-Downs


Wednesday 6.12.19

WOD: “Life Support”

Extra Credit:

4 Rounds (Not for TIme):
8-10 Bent Over Rows/arm
15 GHD Hip Extensions
8-10 DB High Pulls/arm



Thursday 6.13.19

Rest Day / Active Recovery



Friday 6.14.19
WOD: “Karabel”

Extra Credit:
Muscle-ups: Every 2:00 for 4 sets:
* 60-70% of Max Unbroken Set of Muscle-ups (Ex. Max is 10 perform 6-7)

Pull-ups: Every 2:00 for 4 sets:
* 60-70% of Max Unbroken Set of Strict Pull-ups (Ex. Max is 10 perform 6-7)



Saturday 6.15.19
WOD: “Your Favorite Co-Worker”

Extra Credit:

5 min EMOM:
1 Squat Clean @ 90-95% of your 1 Rep Max

* Base this weight off of your current 1 Rep Max. If you plan to stay inside to lift, please be courteous the coach and do not drop the weights while they are talking. Take some time to work up to your weight and stay there for all of the sets.  


CrossFit Week of WODS 6.10.19

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Monday 6.10.19

Strength/Skill Work: Front Squat: 3 sets of 12 reps @ 55-60% of test in weight at 3031 Tempo (18 minutes)

“Training Wheels”
3 Rounds:

1 minute Bike Erg Cals
1 minute Thrusters F(45/35) P/S(75/55)
2 minutes Rest

WOD Tips:
– The big focus for the day is the Front Squat strength. This will be the first week of our Front Squat cycle, basing the percentages off of the 3 rep max weight that you found last week. We will be starting with a few weeks of lighter and very controlled tempo work to help strengthen and prime the body before we get into the heavier weights later in the cycle. The strength today is another open 18 minute window, we recommend spending the first 6-7 minutes building to your weight and then spending the following 12 minutes to complete your 3 sets. These slow tempos will be challenging so be sure to take plenty of rest between sets.
– Our finisher for the day will also include a front loaded squat, this time in the form of a Thruster. You will be getting a 1:1 work to rest ratio, so be sure to try and stay moving during the two minutes of work. Find a very challenging pace during the minute on the Bike Erg that you can sustain without having to slow down or stop early. The barbell should be a very light weight, something that you may have to put down once in the minute, but the goal is to keep it off the ground for as long as possible. Your score today will be total bike erg calories + total barbell thrusters.


Tuesday 6.11.19
Strength/Skill Work: Every 90 seconds for 8 Rounds (12 minutes) perform 3 Hang Power Cleans (Building)

“Race to the Rock”

14 min AMRAP:

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc.

D-Ball Cleans F(60/40) P(80/60) S(100/80+)

Strict Pull-ups F(Banded)

*Run 200m after each set

WOD Tips:
– Today’s strength work will be focusing on the Hang Power Clean. We will have 8 rounds to build in weight to find a moderate set of 3 reps, using this time on practice on moving the bar from position to position. If you struggle on patience in the clean, use the first couple of minutes to build and then stay at that weight to get in some quality reps.
– “Race to the Rock” will also include the clean, but this time using a D-Ball. During the AMRAP pick a weight on the D-ball that is challenging, but something that you can stay moving with, even as the reps continue to grow. The pull-up reps will also continue to grow and will most likely be the most challenging part of this workout. Our first modification will be the banded strict pull-up, but if that gets to be too much we may also move to the ring row as long as we challenge the range of motion. After each set of cleans and pull-ups you will be running a 200m. We encourage everyone to keep the full distance today as this will be a way to give yourself a break from the reps of the other two movements.


Wednesday 6.12.19

Strength/Skill Work: 9 min EMOM:

Min 1: 12 DB Strict Press @ 70-75% (Right)

Min 2: 12 DB Strict Press @ 70-75% (Left)

Min 3: 4-6 Body Saws

“Life Support”

6 Rounds for Time: (18 min cap)

6 Strict Handstand Push-ups F(Ring Push-ups)
9 Burpee Box Jumps F(Burpee Step-ups) P/S(24/20)

24 Sit-ups

WOD Tips:
– Our focus today is overhead pressing. This will also be the first week of our Single Arm Strict Press cycle. The percentages are lighter today, but the reps are much higher than the original 5 rep max that we tested in with. We will still be following the same slow down, and faster up tempo that we used on test in, while showing control at the top of each rep. If you had a big difference between your left and right arm during the 5 rep max, use the lighter of the two weights for your percentage work today.
– “Life Support” will continue with the pressing movement pattern. During the Handstand Push-ups we will be keeping all reps strict today, and will allow you to use 1 abmat if needed. Ideally, these reps should be completed in 1 set throughout most of this workout, so if you need to slightly modify the reps down, do it. Our fitness option today will be Ring Push-ups so that you can modify the difficulty by moving your feet forward or backward. The Burpee Box Jump will add up quickly in this workout, so from round 1 find a sustainable pace and try to hang onto this for the entire workout. The Sit-ups will add up too, but this is a movement that you can easily stay moving on while getting your heart rate lowered. To complete this workout inside the time cap, you will need to stay on a 3 minute per round pace.


Thursday 6.13.19

“Coast to Coast”

9 min AMRAP:

60m Sled Drag F(90/45) P/S(135/90)

300m Ski Erg

6/side Paloff Press at 2021 Tempo

– Rest 2 minutes –

9 min AMRAP:

60’ Sled Push F(90/45) P/S(135/90)

300m Row

6/side Side Plank Rotations

WOD Tips:
– “Coast to Coast” is our flush workout of the week. Both 9 minute AMRAPS will have a sled, a machine, and a core movement, but with contradicting movement patterns. The first sled movement is a backwards walking sled drag, where the second amrap has a sled push. On both of the sleds today we want you to challenge yourself on the weights. Find a steady pace on both the ski and the row so that you can keep the movement quality high as you continue into the later parts of the AMRAPs. The first AMRAP will have Paloff presses with the goal being to not allow yourself to rotate, whereas the second AMRAP will have Side Plank Rotations. Move slowly on both of these movements to get the full effect on the core.


Friday 6.14.19
Strength/Skill Work: 10 min EMOM:

1 Squat Snatch @ 70-80% F(Power)

10 Rounds For Time: (17 Min Cap)

3 Power Snatch F(6 DB Snatch) P(135/95) S(155/105)

15 Wall Balls F(10 WBs @ 14/10) P/S(20/14)

WOD Tips:

– Today’s focus is the snatch which will be included in both the strength and the metcon.  For the strength work, we will be building to 70-80% of our 1 rep max snatch, and staying at this weight for 10 singles across the EMOM. We are giving a range on your percentages so that you have some breathing room to decide what weight to use based off of how you feel. If they feel good, shoot for the 80% mark and if it is feeling heavy or you need to focus on technique shoot for the lower percentages.

– “Karabel” is a repeat workout last completed on 9.18.18.  It’s a combination of 2 benchmark workouts, Karen and Isabel.  The snatches can be power or squat snatches today, but most likely they will be power to stay efficient and save the legs for the wall balls.  Most athletes will struggle more with the wall balls, so be smart with these and break them up early if needed.  When choosing a weight for the wall balls, you should be able to do 25+ unbroken reps when fresh.  When choosing a weight for the snatch, it should be less than what you did in today’s strength work, and something you could string together for 8+ reps when fresh.  Even though we are now moving fast compared to the strength work, still prioritize your technique and continue moving well with the snatches.

-Pace this workout early, 10 rounds is a lot.  Once you get into rounds 8, 9, and 10, dig deep and finish stronger than you started. Fitness athletes will be doing a modified version of “Karabel” today.  Since you already got plenty of work with the barbell in the strength work, we will be moving over to the DB for the workout.  This will allow us to lighten the load and increase the volume.  Choose a weight for the DB you can do 6 unbroken every time.  For the wall balls, you will be doing 10 instead of 15, with the hopes of keeping it unbroken for all 10 rounds.


Saturday 6.15.19
“Your Favorite Co-Worker”

20 min AMRAP (Teams of Two):

40/30 Cal Assault Bike

120 Double Unders F(Double Taps)

8 Rope Climbs F(Rope Lowers)

200m D-Ball Front Carry F(60/40) P(80/60) S(100/80)

WOD Tips:
– We are ending the week with a fun partner WOD “Your Favorite Co-Worker”. During all of the movements one person will be working while the other partner is resting. We recommend make a lot of quick transitions on the Cal Assault Bike early to keep the pace high as you fatigue. The double unders shouldn’t take too long to complete, so if you struggle with double unders modify them to double taps today. If one partner is more efficient on the rope climbs, they may choose to take a few more, but this will be a movement that you want to split pretty evenly to avoid burnout early. The final movement is a heavy D-Ball Front Carry. This is a very challenging variation of the d-ball carry, which will require you and your partner to make a lot of quick switches as you complete a 200m carry. Your score today will be total rounds and reps.

BeachFit Week of WODS 6.10.19

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Monday 6.10.19



150/100 meter Ski Erg


-Rest 1:30-


8 Strict Knees to Chest (Adv: Knees to Elbows)

30 sec. of Dball Front Rack Wall Sit 

-Rest 1:30-


200 meter Run 

8 Hammer Curl + DB Push Press 

Coaches Notes:

Today is going to be a lot of work on many different movements. All of the rep schemes are low enough to challenge yourself with tougher skills/weights but also keep moving through each Amrap. Your will record rounds + reps for all 3 AMRAPS individually.(3 total scores)


Tuesday 6.11.19

“Construction Zone”

Every 4:00 for 20:00 complete:

700/600 meter Bike Erg (Adv: 800/700)

20 Air Squats (Adv: 30 reps)

10 Burpees to Target 

Coaches Notes:

We are continuing to build up our battery with moderate length interval workout. Choose standards that will allow you to finish each interval in approximately 2:45. If you have been working out with us for awhile, go for the advanced reps on the squats! Your score today is the time of your slowest round. 

Wednesday 6.12.19

“Team Boat Race” (Compare: 12.18.18 CF)

For Time 

6 Rounds – Teams of 2

500/400 meter Row 

400 meter Run 

*Alternate full rounds

Time cap: 24 min

Coaches Notes:

Today we are taking on a fun partner workout that we originally did on the Crossfit Side. Your score today is total time, make sure to record your partner’s name in the notes. 

Thursday 6.13.19

“Dad Bod”


100 meter Dball Carry 

8-10 Plank Horizontal Pull Throughs (Alt.)

8-10 Aussie Ring Rows (30X1)

30 sec. of Hollow Flutter Kicks with Plate (Adv: Use KBs)

4-8 Box Jumps (build)

Coaches Notes:

Today we are going to be working on upper body and core strength, as well as some dynamic skills. No score today, just get out of your comfort zone and take notes. 

Friday 6.14.19

“Mouth Full”

EMOM 25 (:40 on / :20 off)

Min 1: SA DB Strict Press (R; 20X0)

Min 2: SA DB Strict Press (L;20X0)

Min 3: Butterfly Sit ups 

Min 4: Sumo KB Deadlift (20X1)

Min 5: Alt. Dball Step ups (switch shoulders every round)

Coaches Notes:

Today is an all strength day within an interval format. You will be working for 40 seconds of each minute. There isn’t a score for this but make sure you record your weights used, especially the DB for the Strict press. 


Saturday 6.15.19

“Let The Good Times Roll”

For Time

3 Rounds

Buy In: 800 meter Run (together)

45 Wall Balls 

25 Ring Rows (20X0; Adv: 20 Strict PU)

200 Jump Rope Singles (Adv: 100 DU)

Coaches Notes:

Today should be a fun way to start the weekend. Each team will finish the run together and then will be able to split up the work in any way after the buy in. Your score today is total time. 

Sunday 6.16.19

“Justice League” (Compare: 8.5.18,12.9.18)

For Time – Teams of 2

3 Rounds 

200 meter Farmer’s Carry 

40/30 cal Bike Erg 

40/30 cal Ski Erg

40/30 cal Row 

Time cap: 28 min 

Coaches Notes:

Today we are going to get the heart rate and keep it there for a while! The teams that do well today will know they have a strong grip and a strong pair of lungs! Record your partners name and total time in Sugar wod.

CrossFit Week of WODs 6.3.19

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Monday 6.03.19

Strength/Skill Work: 18 min to find a 3 rep Max Front Squat (Slower Down, Faster Up Tempo)

“Jab, Jab, Right Hook”
12 min EMOM (:45 on/:15 off)

Min 1: Wall-Balls F(16/10) P(20/14) S(30/20)

Min 2: 20 Hollow Rocks + Hollow/Tuck Hold in remaining time F(Max Hollow Hold + Tuck Hold)

Min 3: Cal Row

Min 4: Rest

WOD Tips:
– The focus today is going to be on our strength work, and finding a 3 rep max Front Squat. Similar to the Back Squat and Step-up cycle, we will now be shifting to a Front Squat cycle that will last 10 weeks in total with the idea of increasing our 3 rep max. Each week will be increasing percentages as we work down from higher rep volume days to heavy but low rep volume days  as the weeks progress. This will be a score that we for sure want to plug into SugarWOD to come back to each week as a guide on weight.
– With the strength being the focus of the day “Jab, Jab, Right Hook” is quick EMOM finisher. Similar to weeks past our goal on the wall-balls is to challenge the weight and take the focus away from the target, to instead draw all of our attention to the structure of our squat. We will not be keeping track of reps on the wall-balls so break these reps up as much as you need to keep each rep looking perfect. For the hollow rocks you will perform the 20 reps, then immediately go into a hollow or tuck hold for remaining time. Your only score for today’s workout is the the total number of calories you accumulate over the 3 rounds. Push the row as much as you can in the :45 seconds knowing that you will get a minute of rest immediately following.


Tuesday 6.04.19

The Continuum

Every 5 minutes for 4 Rounds (20 minutes):

400m Run

12 Box Jumps F(20/16) P(24/20) S(16 reps)

8 Power Cleans F(95/65) P(135/95) S(155/105)
*Record Slowest Round

WOD Tips:
– “The Continuum” is an interval workout with the focus being to stay consistent across the rounds. The score for the day will be the slowest round, so pace yourself in the first few rounds and try to increase as you go. Pick a weight on the power cleans that you can hang onto for a few touch and go reps or stay with for fast singles every round. The box jumps should take around a minute to complete, even if you shoot for the sport option. There will be a hard cut-off at 4:15 so that you get at least :45 seconds of rest per round. If you are not able to finish the work make a distance modification to the run.


Wednesday 6.05.19

Strength/Skill Work: 12 minutes to work to a Heavy 5 rep Single Arm DB Strict Press/ arm at 20×1 Tempo

“Push to Start”

14 min AMRAP:

10 DB Hang Clean and Jerk F(35/25) P(50/35) S(60/40)

12 Toes to Bar F(Toes to Rings)

40 Double Unders (80 singles)

WOD Tips:
– The big focus of the day is the single arm overhead press, which will be included in both the strength and metcon. During the strength we will build finding a 5 rep max strict press/arm. Add weight until you can no longer perform 5 reps, or when you can no longer sustain the tempo. Start with your weakest arm first. This will be a movement we will be building on in the weeks to come, so make sure we get this plugged into SugarWOD for future reference.
– “Push to Start” will be a quick AMRAP to finish the day. The DB Hang Clean and Jerk will continue with the overhead press movement, but this time it can be performed as a push press or push jerk. You will complete 5 reps on one arm, and 5 on the other arm each round. Pick a weight that you can hang onto for all 10 reps unbroken. The toes to bar will start to add up quickly, so modify the rep number if needed trying to finish the reps in 1-2 quick sets. The Double Unders should not take up any more than a minute. You may choose to cut the reps down or stick with 80 single unders.


Thursday 6.06.19

“Muscle Beach”

24 min AMRAP(In Teams of two):

30 Cal Ski Erg

30 Ring Rows

30 DB Bench Press

200m Farmers Carry

WOD Tips:
– This weeks Thursday WOD is bringing the PUMP! During this AMRAP we will be in teams of two, and you and your partner will get to decide how you wish to split all of these reps up. With the Ski Erg only being 30 cals we encourage you to transition back and forth often so that we can keep the intensity very high. Because you have a partner splitting the reps with you, walk your feet lower than you typically would to challenge yourself on every rep. You may also choose to place your feet on a box, or add some weight while completing these reps. Pick a weight on the DB Bench Press that when fresh you could complete 15+ reps with. Ideally in this workout every time you pick up the DB’s you should be able to complete 8-10 reps. The farmers carry will tax the grip, but you will have your partner there to help. Only one of the partners will be carrying the KB’s, and you as a team may choose to switch who is hauling the load at anytime.


Friday 6.07.19

Strength/Skill Work: Every 2 minutes for 5 Rounds (10 minutes) perform 5 Banded Deadlifts
* Building to Working Weight or slightly above

“Picking up the Pieces”

3 Rounds for Time: (13 min cap)

800/700m Bike Erg

15 Deadlifts F(155/105) P(185/125) S(225/155)

15 Burpees Over the Bar

Core WOD

WOD Tips:
– The big focus of the day is the deadlift. The banded deadlifts in the strength offer a challenge to the movement the further you pull off the ground, which is where the reps typically gets easier. Over 5 rounds we are trying to build to the weight we want to use in the workout, or just above this weight if the reps are feeling good.
– “Picking up the Pieces” will also include deadlifts, which should feel nice and smooth off the ground now that the band is gone. Pick a weight on the deadlifts that you can complete in 2-3 quick sets each round. The burpees over the bar will be lateral jumps to try and keep the pace of this workout quicker. The bike erg should take us around 1:30 each round to complete. With there only being 3 rounds the goal will be to increase the pace throughout this workout.


Saturday 6.08.19
Strength/Skill Work: Every 75 seconds for 8 sets (10 minutes) perform 2 Hang Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats S(2 Hang Squat Snatch)

“12 Step Program”
12 min AMRAP:

8 Hang Snatch F(75/55) P(95/65) S(115/75)

16 DB Box Step-Overs F(25/15) P(35/25) S(50/35)

200m Run

WOD Tips:
– Our big focus today is the Hang Snatch which we will have in both the strength and metcon. Staying patient in the pull is one of the most difficult things to do, so stay light enough in this strength complex that you can own each lift. On the final Hang Snatch we will keep the bar overhead and go directly into two Overhead Squats, taking these reps slow and controlled to get comfortable in the bottom position. If you are comfortable with both the Hang Power Snatch and Overhead Squat we will also be giving the option of performing the more dynamic movement of two Hang Squat Snatch.
– “12 Step Program” will continue the hang snatch trend. During this AMRAP pick a weight on the barbell that you can at least do a few rounds unbroken, with possibly 1 drop in the later rounds. Just like the strength be aware of the bar path during these reps to make each one more efficient to save energy. The DB Box Step-Overs are a grip challenging movement, but we are looking to get these reps done in 1-2 quick sets each round. Each round will end with a 200m run, which we encourage everyone to perform today.

BeachFit Week of WODS 6.3.19

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Monday 6.3.19

“Yard Sale” (Compare: 6.20.18)


Min 1- Run 200 meters 

Min 2- 18 Walking lunges (Adv: Add DBs)

Min 3- 14 Ball Slams 

Min 4- 10/7 cal Ski Erg (Adv:12/9)

Min 5- Rest 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a tough aerobic workout with some body weight/ strength elements mixed in, stay focused and give this 100%. No score just notes today. 


Tuesday 6.4.19

“Dirty Diana”

4 sets:


12 KB Deadlift 

6 Push ups (Adv: 9 reps)

24 Plate Jumps

-Rest 1:30-

Coaches Notes:

Today we are pushing the intensity within these shorter AMRAPS. Challenge yourself with the kB weight and try to work hard enough to deserve the 90 seconds of rest. Your score is rounds + reps, re starting each round back from your beginning movement.


Wednesday 6.5.19

“Four Loko”

For Time 

4 Rounds (Adv: 5 Rounds)

200 meter Run (Adv: 250m)

250/200 meter Ski Erg

250/200 meter Row 

500/400 meter Bike Erg 

Time cap: 23 min 

Coaches Notes:

Today is another tough aerobic workout that we will definitely be using as a tester going forward. Don’t go out too hot, be smart and save some in the tank for the last round! Score today is total time. 


Thursday 6.6.19

“The Last Samurai”


100 meter SA Front Rack KB Carry (50m/arm)

7-9 Bulgarian Split Squat on plate / leg (Adv: on bench)

7-9 SA Bent Over Row / arm (20X1)

14 Straight Leg Sit ups (Adv: Arms crosses)

7-9 Half Kneeling Banded Chops / Side 

Coaches Notes:

We are going to hit every part of the body today! Take your time and focus on being intentional with how you move in this workout. These days are more important than man people realize. No score just notes today.


Friday 6.7.19

“Stick ‘Em Up”

In 10:00 build to your heaviest:

8 SA DB Strict Press / arm

*After each set:

20 feet of Broad Jumps 


60 Jump Rope singles (Adv: 30 DU)

30 sec. of FLR on Floor (Adv: Rings)

12 KBS (Overhead)

Coaches Notes:

We are starting a new cycle for overhead pressing strength today. Our main focus today is on part A and we will use this 8 rep number as a starting point to build from over the next month. In Sugar wod, Record your dB press weight for both arms in part A. Rounds + reps for part B. 


Saturday 6.8.19

“Pearl Harbor” (Compare: 12.7.18, 1.25.19)

For Time 

10 Burpee Box Jump 

20 Dball Cleans 

30/22 cal Bike Erg 

40 Plate Ground to OH

30/22 cal Bike Erg 

20 Dball Cleans 

10 Burpee Box Jump

Time cap: 15 min 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a really fun format that is also pretty challenging! We have tested this workout many times, try to look back to the previous date and re test this workout using the identical weights, box height, etc. If this is the 3rd+ time you have tested this workout, try and challenge yourself by adding to these standard. Score in Sugar Wod is total time.


Sunday 6.9.19

“Holy Fitness 2.0”

AMRAP 20 – Teams of 2

100 Sit ups 

100 D Ball Front Squats 

100/80 cal Row 

*One partner running 100 m at all times. 

Coaches Notes:

Today should be one of our more challenging partner workouts. While one teammate is working away at the reps, the other will be completely a 100m Run. One teammate must be running at all times. Your score for today is rounds + reps. 




Extra Credit 6.3.19

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Monday 6.03.19

WOD: “Jab, Jab, Right Hook”

Extra Credit:
Muscle-ups: Every 2:00 for 4 sets:
* 50-60% of Max Unbroken Set of Muscle-ups (Ex. Max is 10 perform 5-6)

Pull-ups: Every 2:00 for 4 sets:
* 50-60% of Max Unbroken Set of Strict Pull-ups (Ex. Max is 10 perform 5-6)

Tuesday 6.04.19

WOD: “The Continuum

Extra Credit:
4 Rounds (Not for score):
:45 on / :15 off
– Ski Erg
– Rogue Echo Bike
– Heavy D-Ball Hold

Wednesday 6.05.19

WOD: “Push to Start”

Extra Credit:

5 min AMRAP of Handstand Push-ups S(Strict HSPU):
– Complete as many Handstands Push-ups as you can in the 5 minutes. HOWEVER, you can only complete sets of 5. After 5 kick off the wall – you may choose to kick right back up or rest as needed.

Thursday 6.06.19

WOD: “Muscle Beach”

Extra Credit:
Recovery Day / Active Recovery

Friday 6.07.19

WOD: “Picking up the Pieces”

Extra Credit:
*Complete this after the WOD
12 minute AMRAP (For Quality):  
5 SLOW Cat / Cow Transitions
5 Lateral Box Step-ups / side (add weight – control the lowering)
:30 Bent Knee Tuck Hold

Saturday 6.08.19
WOD: “12 Step Program”

Extra Credit:
8 min EMOM:
1 Squat Clean @ 85-90% of your 1 Rep Max

* Base this weight off of your current 1 Rep Max. We will be building in percentages throughout the next couple of weeks. You can perform this WOD outside on the rubber if you wish. If you plan to stay inside to lift, please be courteous the coach and do not drop the weights while they are talking. Take some time to work up to your weight and stay there for all of the sets.  

CrossFit Week of WODs 5.27.19

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“Most people, when they reach a certain age, let down and talk about what they used to do.  Well, who gives a damn about what you used to do? It’s what you’re doing now.” -Jack Lalanne

Monday 5.27.19 – Memorial Day Schedule – CrossFit at 7, 8, 9, and 10 AM  BeachFit at 7:15 AM, 8:15 AM, 9:15 AM, 10:15 AM

“Team Double DT”

10 Rounds For Time: (In teams of 2 – alternating full rounds – 17 Min Cap)

12 Deadlifts F(95/65) P(135/95) S(155/110)

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

*Sport – 12 Rounds

Core WOD

WOD Tips:
– In honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting our freedom we will be taking on Hero WOD “DT” this Memorial Day.  “DT” was created in remembrance of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.
– Today’s version of “DT” will allow you to share the load and push alongside your partner. Typically when doing “DT” we recommend making smart breaks early in the workout because you are completing 5 straight rounds. However, with the nearly 1:1 work to rest ratio you should be trying to stay as close to unbroken as possible. The sport option today of 12 total rounds is highly dependent on when you are finishing your original 10 rounds. If you are finishing the 10 rounds in under 12 minutes we encourage you to shoot for the sport option and complete the extra 2 rounds.

Tuesday 5.28.19

“Back and Forth”

24 Min EMOM:

Min 1) 8 Back Rack Lunges (AHAP)

Min 2) 4/Side Side Plank Leg Lifts (3-5 Sec Hold)

Min 3) 45 Sec Ski Erg for Cals

Min 4) Rest

WOD Tips:
– Our big focus today is the Back Rack Lunge in a fun EMOM format. We encourage you to build throughout the 6 rounds on the Back Rack Lunges working to a heavy set of 8 for the day. You may also choose to get to a challenging weight and stay there for a few sets. The Side Plank Leg Lifts are making a comeback in this workout, but we will be giving a slight window in the time we will be holding the top leg elevated. Find a pace during the first round of the workout that you can sustain for all 6 rounds of the Ski Erg. Record the weight for your back Rack Lunges into SugarWOD and how many total Ski Calories you accumulated.


Wednesday 5.29.19

Strength/Skill Work: 12 Min EMOM:

Min 1) 6-8 Rope Strict Knees to Elbows F(Strict Knees to Chest) S(L-Sit Rope Climbs)

Min 2) 6-8 DB Bent Over Rows Right @ 20X1 Tempo

Min 3) 6-8 DB Bent Over Rows Left @ 20X1 Tempo


15 Min AMRAP:

900/800m Bike Erg

60 Double Unders F(60 Double Taps)

3 Rope Climbs F(9 RA Pull Ups) S(1 Legless + 3 RC)

WOD Tips:
– Our focus today is pulling which we will have in both the strength and metcon. During the Bent Over Rows we encourage you to increase weight each round as long as you are able to control the tempo. We have also given a rep range that you can play with as the weight increases. The Rope Strict Knees to Chest is a challenging movement that will help us prep for the rope climbs to come. This movement will also require core strength, and we are giving another option of an L-Sit Rope Climb as high as you can pull for an extra challenge.
– “E-Brake” will continue with the pulling from the strength with Rope Climbs. Depending on your current skill level with the rope climbs we have a couple of different options to choose from, but try to stay around 1:30 of total work time on the reps. The Bike Erg will also take around 1:30 to complete each round while keeping a steady pace. For the Double Unders you may choose to slightly cut the reps down, or stick with double taps to stay moving throughout. Ideally we are completing each round 3:30-4:30 minutes.

Thursday 5.30.19


25 Min AMRAP:

7 Med Ball Squat Cleans

15/Side MB Russian Twists

7/Side Suitcase Deadlifts

60’/Side SA Farmer’s Carry

30 Second Ring FLR

60m Sled Drag

WOD Tips:

– “Scatterplot” is our flush workout for the week, but can be a challenging workout if you push it. Focus on movement quality above anything else in this workout, and try to feel better leaving the gym than you did when you walked in.  Select a weight on the med ball movements that allow you to OWN the technique. You will also be able to select your weight for the Suitcase Deadlifts, a great anti-rotational core exercise. This Deadlift will go directly into a Single Arm Farmers carry down the turf. Challenge yourself on the Ring FLR hold, trying to keep the hips a little higher than normal, and rotating the thumbs away from the body. The last movement is a 60 m sled drag outside in the alley between the buildings. If this is a flush day for you remember to take this at a nice steady pace, get yourself sweating!

Friday 5.31.19

Strength/Skill Work:  Every 75 Seconds for 8 Sets – 2 Power Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat @ 21X1 Tempo

“Double or Nothing”

2 Rounds For Time: (16 Min Cap)

400m Row

15 Thrusters F(75/55) P(95/65) S(115/75)

400m Run

15 Overhead Squats F(75/55 Front Squats) P(95/65) S(115/75)

WOD Tips:
– Last week we spent some time focusing on technique throughout a few snatch positions, and this week we will be building upon that. The two power Snatch in the complex should not be tap and go, instead reset at the floor between the reps and make each lift as good as you can. On your last Power Snatch you can leave it overhead for 1 Tempo Overhead Squat. We want to attach this tempo on the overhead squat to require you to slow the movement down and get comfortable with the barbell locked out overhead. You may choose to build throughout the 8 sets, or find a weight and stay there for multiple sets.
– “Double or Nothing” is a two round workout that will continue with the overhead squat trend from the strength. The Thrusters and the Overhead Squats should be performed at a weight that you think you could complete in 1-2 quick sets. If you are having to break more than that, lower the weight to try and increase the overall intensity of the workout. The Row and Run should both take around 1:30 to complete, and know that you only have two rounds of each should help motivate you to keep the pace high. We expect most people to finish this workout in 13-14 minutes.

Saturday 6.1.19

“Press Box”

20 Min AMRAP: (Teams of 2)

50 Box Jumps F(20/16) P/S(24/20)

40 Toes to Bar F(Toes to Rings)

30 Burpees

20/15 Strict Pull Ups F(Banded Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows)

WOD Tips:
– We will be ending this week with a fun partner workout “Press Box”. This is a chipper style workout which allows you and your partner to split the reps however you wish, with one person working and one person resting. On all of the movements the rep numbers are pretty high, so we recommend breaking up the reps early and often to be able to sustain for the entire 20 minutes. Whatever modification we choose on the Strict Pull-ups, make sure we are keeping the movement strict today, no kipping. The boxes jumps may be modified in height, or to a step-up as needed. For the toes to bar we will have to option to perform toes to ring to allow you a more free kip swing if you are still working towards ttb. Break the burpees into small sets to get through the reps quickly and keep you from burning out quick.

BeachFit Week of WODs 5.27.19

By: 0

“Most people, when they reach a certain age, let down and talk about what they used to do.  Well, who gives a damn about what you used to do? It’s what you’re doing now.” -Jack Lalanne


Monday 5.27.19

“Summer Soldier”

For Time – In teams of 2

4 Rounds:

1600/1300 meter Bike Erg


30 DBall Step Ups

20 Ring Rows (20X0; Adv: Feet Elevated)

Time Cap: 27 Min

Coaches Notes:

Today is a longer partner workout with plenty of rest built in. Reps can be split between partners in any way. Try to have fun with this one! Score today is total time. Make sure to record partners name for notes!

Tuesday 5.28.19

“Rock, Paper, Scissors”

  1. Every 3:00 for 18:00 complete:

12/9 cal Row (Adv: 15/12)

9 Box Jump over 

30 sec. of Overhead Plate Hold 

Coaches Notes:

Today we are focusing on aerobic power and some fundamental strength with this interval workout. The volume and effort is still on the lower side coming off Murph this past weekend. 

Wednesday 5.29.19

 “Gut Check”

  1. AMRAP 23

60 feet of Heavy Farmer’s Carry

1:00 of Jump Rope Singles

5 SL Deadlift (30X1) / leg – stagger

5 Plank Vertical Pull Throughs / arm 

5 Paloff Presses (2 second pause at end range) / Side 

Coaches Notes:

Today is our usual performance care day and the last day of low intensity coming off Murph. Look for that to start picking back up starting tomorrow. Don’t worry about rounds today just focus on attention on the best possible movement. 



Thursday 5.30.19

“CrossFire” (Compare: 2.12.19)

  1. On 9:00 clock build to your heaviest: Dball Front Squat x 6-8 (22X1)

*After each set complete: 

8 Hanging Knees to Chest (Crossbody)

  1. For Time 


Ski Erg Cals (Female: 14/12/10/8)

DB Front Rack Reverse Lunges (Alt.)

*200 meter Run After each round 

Time cap: 14 min

Coaches Notes:

Today is a good lower body and core strength day in part A. Take your time and stick to the tempos!! Part B should be a hard and fast push at full effort! Your score today is weight of the dball in part A and your time for part B. 

Friday 5.31.19

“Better Business Bureau”

  1. EMOM 21

Min 1: 10/7 cal Bike Erg (Adv: 12/9)

Min 2: 40 sec. of Butterfly Sit ups 

Min 3: 40 sec. of Bar facing Burpees 

Coaches Notes:

: Today is true aerobic sweat fest, just the way we like it around here. Today we want you to really push the burpees. In Sugar wod your score will be your total burpees and note if you did advanced bike option. 

Saturday 6.1.19

 “Tango & Cash” (Compare: 9.22.18,12.15.18)

  1. For Time – Teams of 2

400 meter Run (Adv: 600 meters; together)

60 Plate Ground to OH

800 meter Row

400 meter D Ball Carry 

800 meter Row 

60 Plate Ground to OH

400 meter Run 

Coaches Notes:

Except for the run which must be done together, the other movements/reps can be shared in any way. One partner is working at a time. Post your time and your partner’s name to Sugar Wod. 

Sunday 6.2.19


  1. AMRAP 22

200 meter MB Run

Box Hurdles 

Bearcrawl (under rig) 

20 sec. of Rope Slams 

10 Alternating Dball Reverse Lunges 

Agility ladder (Upstairs)

Coaches Notes:

Today’s Workout will be a longer Amrap in an obstacle course style format. Have fun with it!

Extra Credit Work 5.27.19

By: 0

Monday 5.27.19 – Memorial Day Schedule – CrossFit at 7, 8, 9, and 10 AM  BeachFit at 7:15 AM, 8:15 AM, 9:15 AM, 10:15 AM

WOD: “Team Double DT”

Extra Credit:
No Extra Credit / Holiday Schedule

Tuesday 5.28.19

WOD: “Back and Forth”

Extra Credit:

4 Rounds (Not for Time):

10-12 Barbell Ab Roll-outs
:30 D-Ball Front Hold
:30 Rest

Wednesday 5.29.19

WOD: “E-Brake”

Extra Credit:

Muscle-ups: Every 1:30 for 5 sets:
* 40-50% of Max Unbroken Set of Muscle-ups (Ex. Max is 10 perform 4-5)

Pull-ups: Every 1:30 for 5 sets:
* 40-50% of Max Unbroken Set of Strict Pull-ups (Ex. Max is 10 perform 4-5)

Thursday 5.30.19

WOD: “Scatterplot”

Extra Credit:
Rest Day / Active Recovery

Friday 5.31.19

WOD: “Double or Nothing”

Extra Credit:

3 Rounds (Not for Time):
10-12 KB Goblet Step-ups / Leg
20 GHD Hip Extensions

Saturday 6.1.19

WOD: “Press Box”

Extra Credit:
8 min EMOM:
1 Squat Clean @ 75-80% of your 1 Rep Max

* Base this weight off of your current 1 Rep Max. We will be building in percentages throughout the next couple of weeks. You can perform this WOD outside on the rubber if you wish. If you plan to stay inside to lift, please be courteous the coach and do not drop the weights while they are talking. Take some time to work up to your weight and stay there for all of the sets. 


BeachFit Week of WODs 5.20.19

By: 0

Monday 5.20.19

“Double Stack”


Run 200 meters 

8 D Ball Reverse Lunge (Alt. each round)

12 Butterfly Sit ups 

-Rest 1:30-


4 Ring Rows (20X1; Adv: Strict Pull ups)

8 Push ups 

12 Air Squats 


Coaches Notes:

We made it! It’s Murph week, and today is our last day to fine tune some of those body weight movements with volume will being lower to prevent fatigue later in the week. Your score today is rounds + reps for part A and part B. 



Tuesday 5.21.19

“Gizzard” (Compare: 11.22.18,2.1.19)

For Time

2 Rounds 

500/400 meter Ski Erg (Adv: 750/650m)

1000/900 meter Row (Adv: 1500/1300m)

2000/1800 meter Bike Erg (Adv: 3000/2700m)

Time cap: 35 min


Coaches Notes:

Today is a tough aerobic tester we have done a few times. If you have done this before check your time and go for the PR! You are ready! Try to hold a sustainable pace and you should be able to finish under the cap. You can push the pace on this one if you choose but be ready to get uncomfortable! Score is total time.


Wednesday 5.22.19



5 Side Plank Leg Lifts / Side (3 sec. hold)

20 sec. of Active Hang Knee Tuck (Adv: L Hold)

30 sec. of DB Front Rack Weighted Wall Sit 

60’ Bearcrawl 

100 meter SA Farmer’s Carry (50m/arm)


Coaches Notes:

Today is a day to just have fun, sweat, and work on some fundamentals and performance care. Don’t pay attention to your rounds, just move with purpose and perfection! 




Thursday 5.23.19

“A WOD to Remember” (Compare: 8.22.18,2.11.19)

For time 

5 rounds 

150 Jump rope singles (75 DU)

15 Box jump / Step up

12 KB Deadlift 

9 DB Push press 

Time cap: 18 min 




Coaches Notes:

This is the oldest and most frequently tested BF “benchmark” workout. If you have been coming to class consistently and working hard, you will finish this workout within the time cap. The reps for the push press are low so try to pick a weight that challenges you. Your score today is total time.



Friday 5.24.19



Min 1: 40 sec. of  Alt. Step ups 

Min 2: 40 sec. of Plate Ground to OH

Min 3: 40 sec. of Tuck Hold (Adv: Hollow)

Min 4: 40 sec. of Ski Erg 


Mob Wod 


4 Eccentric Calf Raises (4 sec. lowering)

40 sec. of Band Wrist Extension / arm

60 sec. of Child’s Pose on Boxes 


Coaches Notes:

Today is meant to be an easier day because of Murph tomorrow. Take a moderate intensity mindset into all stations today. 



Saturday 5.25.19


For Time

1 Mile Run 

100 Pull ups/Jumping Pull ups 

200 Push ups/Box Push ups 

300 Air Squats 

1 Mile Run 

Coaches Notes:

-Today we will be hosting the “Murph” workout to honor Michael Murphy.  Michael Murphy (May 7, 1976 – June 28, 2005) was a US Navy Seal Lieutenant who was awarded the military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions during the War in Afghanistan.  Michael Murphy was also one of the members of Operation Red Wings, which was portrayed in the 2013 movie, The Lone Survivor.  We honor Michael by performing the CrossFit workout named for him, Murph, every Memorial Day weekend. To learn more about the event and how to scale it, go here.

-Pace the 1st mile more than you think. You can’t win Murph on the 1st mile, but you can definitely exhaust yourself and make the rest of the workout feel a lot harder.

-The most common way to break up the pull ups, push ups, and squats is to do 20 rounds of 5/10/15 or even 25 rounds of 4/8/12.  This will allow you to keep moving through small sets as the fatigue from pull ups and push ups set in.

-This is a workout where we typically see people short their reps and range of motion as they get tired. Hold yourself to the highest standard in this workout and do all reps fully and correctly.

-Expect this workout to take 45-60 minutes for most. If you think you will be way over an hour, you should likely scale this workout in some way. If you haven’t been doing a high volume of push ups and pull ups lately, then you should scale the workout in some way.  We would suggest doing it with a partner or just doing a ½ version.



Sunday 5.26.19

“The Mountain”


100 meter Dball Carry (50m/Shoulder)

10 MB Rotational Throws / side 

30’ Sled Push 

30’ Sled Drag

30 sec. of Flutter Kicks 

10/7 cal Assault Bike 


Coaches Notes:

Today is meant for recovery! We want to move in many different ways to allow the whole body to flush itself of yesterday’s workout. Try to enjoy it and keep things cool!