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BeachFit Week of Workouts 3.25.19

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Monday 3.25.19

“Downhill” (Compare: 1.11.19)

In 9:00 build both to your heaviest:

7 Sumo KB DL (20X1)

30 seconds of Weighted Plank 

For Time 

800 meter Run 

30 Burpees (Adv: 50 reps)

30 Sit ups (Adv: 50 reps)

50 Air Squats 

Time cap: 15 min 

Coaches Notes:
Your score for today is weights for part A and your time for part B. Remind the class than many people opted not to do the Advanced option for part B but most people finished very early! Go for the advanced, you have nothing to lose!

Tuesday 3.26.19

“Harry and Lloyd”

AMRAP 20 – In teams of 2

100 meter Empty Sled Push (Adv: 45/25)

60 MB Russian Twists / Side 

100 meter SA DB Carry (50m/arm; together)

60/45 cal Bike Erg

Coaches Notes:

Today is a tough partner workout that will incorporate some good accessory strength movements with some aerobic movements and a little grinder work. Break up the work in any way except the OH Carry will have both partners working at the same time. Your score today is rounds + reps. 

Wednesday 3.27.19

“Bunny Slope”

 2:00 on / 2:00 off

5 Rounds

9/6 cal Ski Erg 

12/9 cal Row 

With remaining time:

Max reps of Box jumps 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a serious aerobic and plyometric workout. Push the ski and row as hard as you can today, allow yourself to get uncomfortable on the machines!! Your score today is total box jumps over the 5 rounds.

Thursday 3.28.19

“Billy Bob”


350/300 meter Bike Erg 

10 Strict Knees to Chest (Adv: Strict Knees to Elbow)

7 SL KB Deadlift / leg 

-Rest 1:30-


25 Plate Jumps 

15 Ball Slams

10 Alternating DB Reverse Lunges 

Coaches Notes:

Today is we want to work on strict gymnastic strength and unilateral movements. Encourage athletes to push themselves on the simple movements but also take their time and move for quality on the higher skill/technical work. 

Friday 3.29.19

“Flash Flood”

In 10:00 build to your heaviest:

6-8 Rep Dball Front Squat (22X1)

After each set complete:

30 seconds of FLR on DBs (Adv: Rings)

Every 2:30 for 10:00 complete:

3 Rounds (Adv: 4 Rounds)


12 Air Squats 

Coaches Notes:

Part A is all strength work today, respect the tempos! Part B is an evolution of last Tuesday’s part B. Each athlete must complete 3 or 4 rounds of work within the 2:30. Ideal weight for this workout would be 53/35. Record weight for part A and notes for the rest of your work today.

Saturday 3.30.19

“Spark Plug”

For Time 

5 Rounds (Adv: 6 Rounds)

Buy In: 500/400 meter Row 

10 DB Power Cleans 

10 Jumping Pull ups (Adv: 6-8 Strict Pull up)

10 V ups (Adv: Add Plate)

Time cap: 16 min


Core Down

Coaches Notes:

Today is a short burner compared to our usual BF workouts, we’ve thrown in a rare movement for us with the DB power Clean to keep you on your toes! Score for today is total time. 

Sunday 3.31.19



Min 1: 200 meter Run (Adv: 250 m Run)

Min 2: 40 sec. of Half Kneeling DB Strict Press (20X2)/ arm (Alt. Sides each round)

Min 3: 40 sec. of DBall Lateral Step up (Alt. Sides each round)

Min 4: 40 sec. of Side Plank Rotations (Alt. Sides each round)

Coaches Notes:

Today is a longer emom that is focusing on performance care but will also become aerobic challenging due to running and the interval nature of the workout. Let you main focus today Be on honoring the tempos and integrity of the movements. The run is the only part of the workout today you should really hit hard!

Friday Workout of the Day 3.22.19

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CrossFit Open Workout 19.5

33-27-21-15-9 reps for time of:

Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Time cap: 20 minutes

CFPB Minimum Work Requirement – complete the round of 33 rx within the time cap (66 reps)


Rx’d: (Ages 16-54)
Men use 95 lb.
Women use 65 lb.

Scaled: (Ages 16-54)
Men use 65 lb. and perform jumping pull-ups
Women use 45 lb. and perform jumping pull-ups

Masters 55+:
Men use 65 lb. and perform chin-over-bar pull-ups
Women use 45 lb. and perform chin-over-bar pull-ups

Scaled Masters 55+:
Men use 45 lb. and perform jumping pull-ups
Women use 35 lb. and perform jumping pull-ups

BeachFit Open Workout 19.5


DB Thrusters 
Jumping Pull Ups
*250m Run after each round

BeachFit Week of Workouts 3.18.19

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BeachFit Week of Workouts


Monday 3.18.19

“Jumping Beans”

AMRAP 20 – In teams of 2 (Alt. Rounds)

200 meter Run

10 Sit ups (Adv: 15 reps)

6 Jumping Pull ups (Adv: 9 reps)

*Partner 2 starts when partner 1 finishes the Sit ups 

Coaches Notes:
 Today is another partner workout very similar to last weeks format. The goal is to keep your intensity high by hitting the run hard and choose a rep scheme you believe you can do unbroken each set. Athletes must wait for their partner to complete their sit ups before going on the run to maintain some built in rest. Your score is total completed rounds between both partners. 

Tuesday 3.19.19

“Little Chief”

  1. Take 8:00 to build to a heavy:

6 DB Front Rack Step up / leg

  1. 3 sets:


6 Push ups 


12 Air Squats 

-Rest 1:00-

Coaches Notes:

 Today we are going to focus solely on unilateral leg strength to begin the day. We will finish off with a burner! Part A record your heaviest dB for each leg. Part B record total reps between all 3 sets.


Wednesday 3.20.19

“Side Job”


10/7 cal Row 

10 Alternating Band Rotations 

10/7 cal Bike Erg

30 seconds of Side Plank / Side 

7 SA DB High Pulls / arm (2010)

100 meter Jog 

Coaches Notes:

 Today is an active recovery day with a mix of aerobic stations and some performance care and core rotational movements. Focus today should be on moving PERFECTLY! No score just notes.


Thursday 3.21.19

“Sling Shot”

1:00 On / 1:00 Off

10 Rounds

7 Burpees (Adv: 10 Reps)

With remaining time:

Max reps of Plate Ground to OH

 Coaches Notes:

 Today is a spicy one! Work to complete the burpees as fast possible, but make sure to be smart on the plate Ground to OH in the first few rounds. Ideal weight for men is 45#, women 25#

Friday 3.22.19

“BF Style 19.5”

Saturday 3.23.19

Scrooge” (Compare: 12.13.19)


Min 1: 10/7 cal Bike Erg (Adv: 13/10)

Min 2: 45 sec. of Alt. Gun Rack Reverse Lunges 

Min 3: 45 sec. of Ball Slams 

Min 4: 45 sec. of Plank (Adv: Hollow Hold)


Core down 

Coaches Notes:

 Today is a going to a deceptively tough workout. Work to keep your intensity up throughout each :45 interval and treat the bike as a SPRINT!! Record in Sugar Wod your plate weight for the lunges,  Box height, Advanced attempts.

Sunday 3.24.19

“Fred and Barney” 

 AMRAP 20 – In teams of 2

30 Australian Ring Rows (20X0)

60 D Ball Push press 

90 Dball Squats 

200 meter Farmer’s Carry 

*Pet Rock Style

Coaches Notes:

Today is a pet rock style workout. Once the workout begins, one member of the team must keep their “pet rock”  above their belly button at all times. This includes while doing the push press and squats with your pet rock. If you bring your pet rock down, your penalty is 15 BURPEES EACH!! Score today is rounds + reps between you and our partner.


CrossFit Week of Workouts 3.18.19

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“It always seems impossible until its done.” -Nelson Mandela

Monday 3.18.19

Strength/Skill Work:  Front Squats – 6, 5, 4, 3, 6, 5, 4, 3 – Every 2:15 for 8 Rounds

                                           *After Each Set Perform 8 DB Bent Over Rows on 1 Arm

“Simple Addition”

10 Min AMRAP:

5 Strict Knees to Elbows F(Strict K2C) S(Strict T2B)

10 D-Ball Step Ups F(30/20) P(40/30) S(50/40)

15 Russian KB Swings F(44/26) P/S(53/35)

WOD Tips:
– The focus today will be lower body strength which we will have in both the strength and metcon. During the strength we will be starting with a Heavy Front Squat Wave. This wave will be the same format as the Back Squat wave that we used two weeks ago. During these formats we will be using the first wave as a “warm-up” and then by the time we start wave two we should be able to attack the heavier weights. Between each set of Front Squats we will be performing 8 DB Bent Over Rows, alternating sides on each round. You may choose to stay at one weight, or increase weight each round.
– Our metcon today will also have a lower body strength emphasis. Now we will be focusing on a single leg at a time with a D-Ball Step-up. The box should be at a height just above knee level, to allow you to drive off the foot on top of the box as you stand. The weight on this movement should be something that you can do the 10 unbroken without a doubt every round. The Russian Kettlebell swing is set at a lighter weight today, but the volume will add up quickly. Pick a weight that you can try to hang onto unbroken each round while focusing on the hinge movement. Our last movement is the Strict Knees to Elbows, with different variations we can use today. Our focus today is staying locked into the hollow body position, and allowing the core to initiate the movement. Today’s WOD is not for score, so this will allow you to focus on moving as perfect as possible, without worrying about having to move fast.  

Tuesday 3.19.19

Strength/Skill Work: DB Strict Press – 12 Minutes to Build to a Heavy Set of 5 Reps

                                           *After Each Set Perform a 20-30 Sec Weighted Plank

“Buried Treasure”

Every 3 Minutes for 5 Rounds:

250m Run

7 DB Push Press @ 75-85% of Strength

7 Burpee Box Jumps

WOD Tips:
– Our big focus today is shoulder to overhead strength which we will have in both the strength and metcon. During the strength we will be building through 5 sets to find a heavy set of 5 reps on a DB Strict Press. This can get heavy today, but does not need to be a true all effort 5 rep max. If you feel yourself arching to be able to press the weight over your head, it is too heavy.

– “Buried Treasure” will be similar to last weeks interval workout with the goal being round consistency. These type of workouts are great at helping find your “CrossFit gears” and finding what levels of intensity you can hang onto for certain time domains. The interval will start with a 250 m run, which was taking around 1:00 for most people last week – this is a good goal. We will continue with the shoulder to overhead work, this time using a percentage of the weight you hit in the strength for a DB Push Press. Although this could get heavy as the rounds add up, the goal is to stay unbroken. Burpee Box Jump is the final movement. Try to find a pace on this that you can get through quickly knowing that you get rest as soon as you are done. For this workout, your rest will come with any remaining time you have in the 3 minutes before we restart the next round.  Ideally you will have about a minute to recover each time. 


Wednesday 3.20.19

“Triple A”

2 Rounds for Max Reps (In Teams of 3):

3 Mins Max Power Cleans F(115/75) P(155/110) S(185/125)

3 Mins Max Sled Push (30’) F(90/45) P/S(135/90)

3 Mins Max Cal Row (2 Athletes Rowing at a Time)

*1 Min Rest Between Stations

WOD Tips:
– “Triple A” is a fun team workout that will require you to have quick communication on how to break up the reps. Each team will be on a station for 3 minutes at a time, accumulating max reps. During the Power Cleans these are supposed to be a moderately heavy weight, but something that you can consistently hit singles at. Because you get to break up the sleds with three people, try to move with some urgency, before getting a chunk of rest while your partners go. The row will require TWO athletes to work at a time, meaning that you must have great communication on how and when you sub in your third person. Between each movement you will have a 1 minute break, use this time to mark down how many reps you complete.

Thursday 3.21.19  –  No 5 PM CrossFit Class Tonight – Yoga Class Tonight at 5 PM

“Minutes on the Clock”

4 Rounds:

1 Min Assault Bike

1 Min Sorenson Hold

1 Min Ski Erg

1 Min Alternating Turkish Get Ups

1 Min Side Plank (30 Secs/Side)

1 Min SA KB Front Rack Carry (30 Secs/Side)

*20 Secs Rest Between Stations

WOD Tips:
– “Minutes on the Clock” will take you around the gym during our six different movements. This is meant to be a flush day before 19.5, the last week of the Open. All of today’s movements will be at “choose your own intensity”. The Turkish Get-up and SA KB Front Rack Carry will allow you to pick your own weights, depending on what you want to get out of the workout. If you want to slow the pace down, you may choose to go a little heavier and focus on movement quality throughout. There will be a quick :20 second rest and transition between stations. There is no score for the day, but track any weights or notes that you wish on SugarWOD.

Friday 3.22.19

“Open WOD 19.5” – Announced Thursday Night at 8 PM. Join us Tonight at 6 PM for our Bar Fights Event (No 5PM and 6PM Classes)


Saturday 3.23.19

“Fio” – Tribute Workout to Matthew Fiorello who passed on March 8, 2019

19 Min AMRAP:

3 Bar Muscle Ups F(10 Pull Ups)

10 Deadlifts F(155/105) P(185/125) S(205/145)

18 PVC Overhead Squats

36 Double Unders F(100 Singles)

WOD Tips:

-Today’s workout is a tribute to Matthew Fiorello, a former member of CFPB, who passed away on March 8, 2019.  This workout was designed in partnership with some of Matt’s closest friends and each movement and number has a meaning.   Please join us for any of our normal CrossFit classes this Saturday to perform this workout and remember and honor the life Matt lived to the tune of Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Alterbridge.  

Friday Workout of the Day 3.15.19

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CrossFit Workout 19.4

For total time:
3 rounds of:
  10 snatches
  12 bar-facing burpees
Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with:
3 rounds of:
  10 bar muscle-ups
  12 bar-facing burpees
Time cap: 12 minutes

[CFPB In House Minimum Work Req:
Complete the first 3 rounds within the time cap]

Rx’d: (Ages 16-54)
Men snatch 95 lb.
Women snatch 65 lb.
Scaled: (Ages 16-54)
Men snatch 65 lb., perform chin-over-bar pull-ups, may
step over bar on the burpees
Women snatch 45 lb., perform chin-over-bar pull-ups,
may step over bar on the burpees
Masters 55+:
Men snatch 65 lb., perform chest-to-bar pull-ups
Women snatch 45 lb., perform chest-to-bar pull-ups
Scaled Masters 55+:
Men snatch 45 lb., perform jumping chest-to-bar
pull-ups, may step over bar on the burpees
Women snatch 35 lb., perform jumping chest-to-bar
pull-ups, may step over bar on the burpees


BeachFit Open Workout 19.4 

For Time (14 min)

3 Rounds of:

9 DBall Cleans
12Ring Rows (20×0)Adv: 9 Strict Pullups

Rest 3:00

3 Rounds of:

12 Alt DB Snatches
12 Burpees over DB

BeachFit Week of Workouts 3.11.19

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Monday 3.11.19 

“Chum Bucket” (Compare: 6.29.18)

A. AMRAP 18 – (Teams of 2/Alternate Rds.)

200/150 meter Row 

8 Box Jump/Step up 

8 DB Thrusters 

Coaches Notes:

This should be a fun but challenging partner workout! Each partner must start their round when the the other partner completes the box Jumps.

Tuesday 3.12.19

“Pulled Pork”

A. In 10:00 Build to a heavy 6-8 KB Sumo Deadlift (30X1)

*After every set complete:

6-8 SA Ring Rows / arm

B. Every 2:00 for 10:00 complete:

12/9 cal Bike Erg (Adv: 15/12)

8 Bar Facing Burpees (Adv: 12 reps)

Coaches Notes:

Today is a pulling day in multiple forms! Part A focused on controlled strength and part B on aerobic power. Your score in Sugar wod is heaviest weight on partA and your notes on part B. 

Wednesday 3.13.19

“Wind Tunnel” (Compare: 12.19.18)


14 MB Front Squats (Adv: 10 MB Clean)

4-7 Strict Knees to Chest (Adv: Strict Knees to Elbow)

-Rest 1:30-


30 sec. of Jump Rope Singles (Adv: DU)

14 Sit ups 

-Rest 3:00-

C. For Time 

800 meter Run (Adv: 1000 meters)

Coaches Notes:

Today is a really fun tester that will involve the group pushing each other to finish! This is definitely one we will see again so mark your total reps for each amrap. Also, put your 800 meter time in the benchmarks section. 

Thursday 3.14.19

“High Five”

A. EMOM 25

Min 1- 40 sec. of Ski Erg 

Min 2- 40 sec. of Alternating DB Arnold Press (20X0)

Min 3- 40 sec. of Wall Sit (Adv: Add Mb)

Min 4- 40 sec. of Row (blind)

Min 5- 40 sec. of “12 Volts”

Coaches Notes:
Today is all about recovery with a few body building elements mixed with some aerobic work. Keep everything light and sustainable and focus on quality! No score to just add notes.

Friday 3.15.19

“BF Style 19.4”

Saturday 3.16.19

“Saturday Is For The Girls 2.0”(Compare: 6.30.18)

A. “BF Eva”

For Time 

2 Rounds 

Run 800 meters (Alt. Every 200 m)

30 KBS 

30 Australian Ring Rows 

Immediately into..

B. For Time

Jump rope singles (Each)

Sit ups (Shared reps)

Coaches Notes:
Ladies day at Beachfit never disappoints. Ladies: Dress to impress and leave it all on the dance floor. 

Sunday 3.17.19

“Tag Team”

A. AMRAP 18 – In teams of 2 

Buy In: 600 meter Run

10/8 Cal Bike Erg

20 Push ups 

30 Air Squats 

*Buy out @ the 18:00 mark:

600 meter Run 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a Aerobic play on Cindy with a partner. Teams can choose to split up the reps in any way. Score today is rounds + reps.

CrossFit Week of Workouts 3.11.19

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“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” -Bruce Lee

Monday 3.11.19

Strength/Skill Work:  10 Min EMOM:  2 Deadlifts at 70-80% of 1 Rep Max with a 20X1 Tempo

“X Marks the Spot”

Every 3 Minutes for 12 Minutes:

250m Run

15 KB Swings F(44/26) P(53/35) S(62/44)

10 Box Jumps F(20/16) P/S(24/20)

*Score today is the difference in seconds between your fastest and slowest rounds

WOD Tips:
– We will be starting the day with a Deadlift EMOM similar to what we did a couple weeks ago. We will be practicing the same tempo throughout the lift, this time however we are decreasing the reps and increasing the percentage of your 1 RM. These reps will have less rest between them compared to our typical strength formats, which is the reason for the bigger range in percentage. All reps should be doable for all 10 rounds, while still controlling the Tempo.  The goal is consistency across the sets, rather than maxing out the weight. 
– “X Marks the Spot” is essentially a 12 minute AMRAP, but broken into four 3 minute intervals. With anytime you have left over from finishing the work in the 3 minutes you will rest. Typically we would score this workout as your slowest round, however today is about consistency. Your score today will be the DIFFERENCE in seconds between your fastest and slowest rounds. With this change, it means that it will pay off to hold back slightly the first couple of rounds to avoid blowing up in the later rounds. Ideally we will be finishing the work in around 2 minutes, and will have around 1 minute to rest.


Tuesday 3.12.19

“Lead Foot” – Compare to 5.16.17 and 7.16.18

4 Min AMRAP:

27/21 Calorie Row

27 Burpees

27 Chest to Bar Pull Ups F(Pull Ups/Ring Rows)

4 Min AMRAP:

21/15 Calorie Row

21 Burpees

21 Toes-to- Bar F(Knees to Chest)

4 Min AMRAP:

15/9 Calorie Row

15 Burpees

15 Pull-ups F(Jumping Pull Ups)

*Rest 4:30 Between AMRAPs

WOD Tips:

-Today we will be tackling “Lead Foot”, a repeat workout from 5.16.17 and 7.16.18. This is a great title for a workout that will require you to push the pedal to the medal in a short 4 minute interval of work. You will also need to know how to use the breaks, after every 4 minutes of work, you will be given a 4:30 pitstop to refuel (rest) before the next 4 minutes of all-out effort. During each 4 minute AMRAP the reps decrease, and we are expecting athletes to get further through each time. For example – in the first AMRAP, getting a good chunk of chest to bar pull ups done would be a good goal. During the second AMRAP, we hope to complete the Toes to Bar, and by the last AMRAP, we are hoping to complete the row on round 2.  For the gymnastics movement each round, make sure you are able to get sets of 5+ reps at a time, at whatever standard you choose.  This will keep the intensity of this workout high, and keep you working for most of the 4 minute interval.  Our score today is going to be total reps.


Wednesday 3.13.19

Strength/Skill Work:  Thrusters – 15 Minutes to Build to a Heavy 5 Reps for the Day

“Plate Tectonics”

8 Min AMRAP:

5 Burpees to Plate

10 Plate Ground to Overhead F(35/25) P/S(45/35)

25’ Plate OH Walking Lunges

25 Plate Jumps

WOD Tips:
– We are bound to see thrusters in the Open, so this will be our big focus for the day. The strength today will give you an open 15 minute window to build to a heavy 5 reps for the day. Again, as we are building to a heavy 5 reps for the day, we do NOT need to feel obligated to find a 5 rep max. Find a weight that feels challenging, but that you can complete with great technique.
– “Plate Tectonics” will be a quick finisher for the day. This “Pet Rock” styled workout will have you lugging around your plate everywhere you go. When selecting a weight for the plate, it should be something that you can do unbroken for 15+ reps unbroken on the G2OH and lunges when fresh.  Both the Burpees to a Plate and Plate jumps will move quickly so avoid making them your rest station. A good goal for everyone is to keep the rounds close to or under :90 seconds with faster athletes trying to stay closer to 1 minute per round. 

Thursday 3.14.19  –  No 5 PM CrossFit Class Tonight – Yoga Class Tonight at 5 PM

“Bike and Belay”

20 Min AMRAP: (Teams of 2)

Max Distance Bike Erg (Alternate every 500m)

*Every 1K Stop and Perform 1 Rope Climb Each (or 3 R.A. Pull Ups)

Core WOD


WOD Tips:
– With the Open bringing the Unknown and Unknowable tomorrow, today’s workout will be a great flush with a chance to work on a skill with the rope climbs!  On the Bike we will be going for Max Meters, but you will be switching every 500m with your partner. After each turn on the bike (1000m) you will both stop and perform 2 rope climbs (1 per person). This pattern will continue for 20 minutes. A good goal for the day is to get around 10,000 meters and to stay consistent with your paces on the bike.

Friday 3.15.19

“Open WOD 19.4” – Announced Thursday Night at 8 PM. Join us Tonight at 6 PM for our Bar Fights Event (No 5PM and 6PM Classes)


Saturday 3.16.19

“Pushing the Envelope”

5 Rounds For Time: (Teams of 2 – 22 Min Cap)

20 Hang Power Cleans F(115/75) P(135/90) S(155/105)

30 Wall Balls F(14/10) P(20/14) S(30/20)

40/30 Push Ups

WOD Tips:
“Pushing the Envelope” is a partner workout, and today you will be able to decide how the reps are split. When selecting weights for the barbell, it should be something that you can at least do 15 unbroken reps with when fresh, but will likely want to do sets of 5-10 at a time. The Wall-Balls are meant be a little heavier today, but should still be at a weight that you can do 10-15 reps consistently unbroken.  The movement that will get the most taxing for most teams will be the Push-ups. We have a male/female total, but even with that added avoid hitting HUGE sets in the first few rounds, anything more than 5-10 reps at a time is a lot of reps. A good goal for today’s workout is finish between 15-18 minutes.


We are CLOSED this weekend! March 9+10

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Fit Fam,

We are hosting a workshop to continue our coaches development with the crew from Active Life RX. The main gym will be closed both days for the seminar. However, our north building will have open gym hours available for those who need to workout.

Saturday March 9th from 7am-11am

Sunday March 10th from 8am – Noon

We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. Have a great weekend and let’s hit it hard for the last 2 weeks of the open!


Friday 3.8.19 Workout of the Day

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CrossFit Games Open WOD 19.3

For time:
200-ft. dumbbell overhead lunge
50 dumbbell box step-ups
50 strict handstand push-ups
200-ft. handstand walk

50-lb. dumbbell, 24-in. box 
Time cap: 10 minutes

see for all standards and variations

CFPB TEAMS: Our minimum work requirement will be to complete all of the lunges rx (40 reps) for an rx score to beat scaled scores. 


BeachFit Open Workout 19.3


50 OH Plate Alternating Reverse Lunges
50 Plate Ground to OH
50 Burpees to Plate

CrossFit Week of Workouts 3.4.19

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“Success is a decision, not a gift.” -Ben Bergeron


Monday 3.4.19

Strength/Skill Work:  6-5-4-3-6-5-4-3 Back Squats – Every 2:15 Minutes for 8 Sets (18 Minutes)

*After Each Set Perform 5-7 Single Arm Ring Rows (Alternate Sides)


“Mini Strict Cindy”

10 Min AMRAP:

5 Strict Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats


WOD Tips:
– Our biggest focus on the day is the Back Squat. Our strength portion will be a little longer than it typically is today, as we will be making our way through 2 Squat waves. We won’t have a lot of prep time beforehand, so ideally today we are using the first wave (6,5,4,3) as a building wave – then by the time we get to the second wave we are ready to go heavy. We should be trying to increase weight each set during the wave, so make smart jumps. Between each set we will be performing 5-7 single arm Ring Rows, alternating sides on each round, to prep the body for the strict pull-ups we have coming later in the workout.
– “Mini Strict Cindy” is a variation of the CrossFit Benchmark workout “Cindy”. This variation will be shorter (10 instead of 20 minutes) but we will be keeping the pull-ups strict, instead of allowing kipping. The Strict Pull-ups should be completed as an unbroken set, even if this means modifying the rep number to better fit your current abilities. We can also modify this movement to Negatives or Ring Rows today. You can think of the Push-ups the same way as the pull-ups. We want to keep these in 1-2 sets, so if you need to modify the reps to fit you, do so. The Air Squats should feel nice and easy after all of the heavy back squats. Try to find a pace on these and stay moving for all 15 reps. There will be no score today to further express our emphasis of moving well.

Tuesday 3.5.19

“Alphabet Soup 3.0”

Every 5 Minutes for 4 Rounds:

A.18 KB Swings F(44/26) P/S(53/35)

B.18 Box Jumps F(20/16) P/S(24/20)

C.18/15 Cal Bike Erg F(15/12 Cals)

D.18 Lunges

RD 1 – ABCD, RD 2 – DCBA, RD 3 – CADB, RD 4 – BDAC

*Sport – Increase 3 Reps for all movements


WOD Tips:
– “Alphabet Soup” is a variation of a workout we have completed multiple times, this being our 3.0 version. This workout is essentially 4 rounds for time, but the catch is that each round the movements will be performed in a different order.  By doing these exercises in a different order each time, it can bring additional awareness to how we are moving and breathing during certain exercises, and how some exercises affect others. This workout is designed to have a good amount of rest built in, and ideally you should be working for about 3-4 minutes and then resting for about 1-2 minutes before the next round. Push to keep the pace up during each of the different movements and rounds as your lowest time will be your score for the day.


Wednesday 3.6.19

Strength/Skill Work:  10 Min EMOM: 1 Clean and Split Jerk at 70% of your 1 Rep Max


“Deviled Eggs”

3 X 3 Min AMRAPs

400m Run

Max Devil’s Press in Remaining Time F(20/15) P(30/20) S(35/25)

*1 Min Rest Between AMRAPs


WOD Tips:
– Our strength today will be Clean and Split Jerk percentage work. 70% is our goal today, but we can go slightly below or above based off of feel. Once we get to a starting weight, minimize the amount you are switching or changing weight. 70% is a nice sweet spot for building technique and strength at the same time.  Because we are staying lighter today our focus is going to be on how technically sound the lift is, over how much you are actually lifting. We will be allowing you to decide how you want to clean the weight (squat or power), but we will all be sticking with the Split Jerk for the Shoulder to Overhead.
– “Deviled Eggs” is a quick 3 minute AMRAP today, that will be followed with a 1 minute rest. We will be “Buying-In” to each AMRAP with a 400 m run. We encourage everyone to try and stick with the entire distance today. Once you get back in, with any remaining time you will be accumulating Devil Press reps. Because this is a newer movement, we will spend some time find a weight that we plan to use, but we are looking to find a weight that allows us to keep a steady, but constant pace. Your score today will be Total Number of Reps.


Thursday 3.7.19  –  No 5 PM CrossFit Class Tonight – Yoga Class Tonight at 5 PM

“Weight of the World”

21 Min AMRAP:

.6 Mile Assault Bike

60 Seconds Sorenson Hold

60 Seconds Double Unders

60’ Bear Crawl S(30’ HS Walk)

30 Second Tuck-Hang S(L-Hang)

300m Ski Erg


WOD Tips:
– “Weight of the World” is a good Thursday flush workout, before tomorrow’s Open WOD. Nothing in this workout will tax the body too much, but will allow you to get a good sweat going. During this 21 minute AMRAP we are looking for you to cruise through about 3 rounds. There is no score today, so 3 is our goal but move off of feel. Because today is a flush day, we want you to take the opportunity to practice movements maybe you wouldn’t typically try in a normal, high intense WOD. The 60 seconds of Double Unders should be taken by all to practice trying to get your first, or string your first few together. Maybe today you practice getting upside down, or trying for a L-Sit hang instead of a Tuck hang!


Friday 3.8.19

“Open WOD 19.3” –  Will be announced Thursday Night at 8 PM.  Join us Friday Night at 6 PM for our Bar Fights Event (No 5 PM and 6 PM Classes)


Saturday 3.9.19

“Rush Hour”

4 Rounds For Time: (In teams of 2)

50/40 Cal Row F(40/30 Cals)

40 Alternating V-Ups

30 Bench Press F(95/55) P(125/70) S(155/85)


WOD Tips:
– “Rush Hour” is a 4 round Partner WOD that will need a lot of communication, and quick transitions. The Cal Row should stay at a pretty high intensity each round, so don’t allow one partner to stay on the rower at one time for too long (30-40 seconds max). The 40 Alternating V-Ups can be split however you wish, but through the rounds these will begin to add up also. The Bench Press is the meat of this workout. You and your partner do not have to use the same weight, but you will need a gameplan going in a to how you want to quickly switch the weights. Keep the sets smaller in the beginning to avoid burn out early in this workout, and make sure to spot each other as the reps add up.