Friday 8.18.17 Workout of the Day

-------------------------------------------------- Schedule Change Reminder!! Our CrossFit Teens class has been moved back to 5PM on Tues and Thurs. BeachFit has moved back to 9am Mon-Fri and we are keeping the 5PM class Monday and Wednesday.   -------------------------------------------------- [...]

Thursday 8.17.17 Workout of the Day

-------------------------------------------------- “Power Surge" 2 Rounds For Reps: 1 Min Max Cal Bike 1 Min Max D Ball Over Shoulder S(80/50) RX(100/80) 1 Min Sled Push S(45/25) RX(90/45) 1 Min Hollow Rocks/Hold S(Tuck Rocks/Hold) 1 Min [...]

Wednesday 8.16.17 Workout of the Day

-------------------------------------------------- We are talking all about shoulders and injury prevention in our newest podcast with our guest Dr. Z! Download/Subscribe on iTunes or check out the full video on YouTube --------------------------------------------------  Strength/Skill Work: Front Squats [...]

Tuesday 8.15.17 Workout of the Day

-------------------------------------------------- It's here.  -------------------------------------------------- “Climbing Dead” 21 Min EMOM: Min 1 – 5-12 Toes to Bar S(Knees to Chest) Min 2 - 3 Deadlifts (Climb in Weight) Min 3 – 30 Seconds of Double Unders [...]

Monday 8.14.17 Workout of the Day

CrossFit Week of WODs are HERE BeachFit Week of WODs are HERE -------------------------------------------------- Strength/Skill Work:  8 Min EMOM: Min 1) 6-8 DB OH Lunges (In Place – Build in Weight) Min 2) 1 Rope Climb [...]

Saturday 8.12.17 Workout of the Day

-------------------------------------------------- Heeeey CFPB and Beachfit members!  Our Beachfit @beachfit_jupiter schedule is getting an hours update!  Next week we will be moving our 9:30am class back to 9am Mon-Fri. (School is back in session) ALSO we [...]

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