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BeachFit Spartan

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“BeachFit Spartan”

Saturday, February 9th  at 7:30 AM and 9:30 AM

What is the BeachFit Spartan?

3 Miles of Running

400 Meters of Weighted Carries

180 Meters of Bear Crawls

6 Stations of Exercises

A test of will, heart, and determination


Watch the demo video visit here


The BeachFit Spartan will be the first annual event to test our BeachFitters, CrossFitters, and local community through a series of running, weighted carries, bear crawls, and BeachFit exercises.  Think of it as a combination of a 5K run, a Spartan Race, and a BeachFit class all rolled into one. 

The event will take place on Saturday, February 8th and there will be 2 class times, starting at 7:30 and 9:30 AM.  The event is open to the public, and we encourage all of our BeachFit and CrossFit members to participate.  The BeachFit Spartan will be free for all current CFPB members to participate in, and $30 for non-members. 

Registration in advance through Zenplanner is mandatory 

For Time:  (60 Min Cap)

800m Run

40 Air Squats

800m Run + 60m Bear Crawl

40 Russian KB Swings

200m D-Ball Carry (any style)

800m Run

40 Sit Ups

800m Run + 60m Bear Crawl

40 Step Ups  Adv.(Box Jumps)

200m Overhead Plate Carry

800m Run

40 Lunges

800m Run + 60m Bear Crawl

40 Burpees

Adv.(60 Reps of Each)

*Air squats, sit ups, and lunges will be performed in the pinders parking lot.  If sit up spots are taken, athletes can do lunges and then sit ups on final round. 

*If D-balls are taken, perform the overhead carry and come back to the dball on the next round