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BeachFit Week of Workouts 1.7.19

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Monday 1.7.19

“50 Shades of Fitness”


250/200 meter Ski Erg 

6-8 D Ball Front Squat (31X1)

8-10 Strict Knees to Chest (Adv: Knees to Elbow)

10-12 Side Plank Up Downs / side 

14 Alternating DB Snatches (Build)

Today is a lower intensity day focusing on some fundamentals as well as newer movements that we might see in the Open. Your score today is heaviest dB used. 

Tuesday 1.8.17

For Time 


Suitcase Deadlifts / side 

Box Jumps 

*After every round complete:

10/7 Calorie Row 

Time cap: 16 min


Core Wod

Today we dive into the mind of coach Mel, have fun kiss your hamstrings and glutes goodbye!

Wednesday 1.9.19

5 Rounds

1:00 Max reps of Bike Erg Cals

1:00 Max reps of Push Ups

-Rest 2:00-


Cool Down 

Today we have a challenging workout that combines aerobic power work with upper body pushing endurance. Your score is total combined reps from both movements. 

Thursday 1.10.19
“BROwing!” (Compare: 1.18.18)

EMOM 24 (Adv: 28 min)

Min 1- 10/7 cal Row (Adv: 14/10)

Min 2- 40 seconds of Half kneeling SA Press 20X0 (Alternate sides each round)

Min 3- 40 seconds of SA Bent over KB rows (20X0)

Min 4- 40 seconds of Jump rope 

It has been almost a year since we have done this workout, it’s an oldie but definitely a good one! Your score today is weights used and any Advanced options performed.

Friday 1.11.19

In 9:00 build to your heaviest:

7 Sumo KB DL (20X1)

7 Lateral Step Ups / leg

For Time 

800 meter Run 

30 Burpees (Adv: 50 reps)

30 Sit ups (Adv: 50 reps)

50 Air Squats 

Time cap: 15 min 

Your score for today is weights for part A and your time for part B. 

Saturday 1.12.19
“The Grinder”


18/14 Bike Erg Calories 

15 DB Thrusters

12 Ring Rows (20X1; Adv: 6-8 Strict PU)

9 D Ball Cleans 

Today is a longer amrap with a few tough movements we don’t do all that often. This is another workout designed to get us ready to take on the Open In February. Your score today is rounds + reps.


Sunday 1.13.19
“Double Team” (Compare: 4.9.18)

For Time – Teams of 2

2000/1600 meter Row (Alt. every 250/200 meters)

200 Jump rope singles (Alt. Every 50 reps)

2000 meter Run (Alt. every 250 meters)

200 Jump rope singles (Alt. Every 50 reps)

Time cap: 20 mins 


Core Wod