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BeachFit Week of Workouts 1.14.19

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We’ve got huge plans brewing… stay tuned for our very first BeachFit Spartan.

Monday 1.14.19

“Bon Bon” – Happy Birthday Bonnie Eggen!

For Time 


Bike Erg Cals (f:18-15-12-9-6-6-3)


Box Jumps 

*After each round  complete: 30 sec. of  Low Plank 

Time cap: 20 min 

Coaches Notes: Today is a longer workout to start the week that will definitely provide a deep burn to the lower body. Try to start off with a sustainable pace and get faster as you  move into the single digit rounds of reps. 

Tuesday 1.15.19



Min 1: 15 Wall Balls (Adv. 20) 

Min 2: 10 Burpees to Target (Adv. 12) 

Min 3: Max Calorie Row 

Min 4: Rest 


Core Wod 

Coaches Notes: Today we get to experience a taste of Coach Austin on the BeachFit side. This is our “full send” workout of the week so leave it all on the dance floor! Your score today is total Row calories.

Wednesday 1.16.19



100 meter SA KB Front Rack Carry (50m/arm)

30’ DB Drag Bearcrawl 

25 MB Russian Twists / side 

20 Plate Ground to OH

15 sec. of SA Ring Row Hold / arm 

Coaches Notes: Today is a long grinder with many different stimuli. Take your time and focus on movement quality. No score today except for tracking weights and notes on skills completed. 

Thursday 1.17.19

“BF Iron Triathlon” (Compare: 11.1.18)

A. AMRAP 18 (Ladder 2,4,6,8,10)

DB Floor Press 

KB Deadlift 

MB Clean 


Cool Down

Coaches Notes: Today we are doing an all strength workout! This is is a BF version of a famous variation of “Linda”-called “The Iron Triathlon”. Even though there is no traditional cardio exercises in this workout, your heart rate is still going to be super high throughout. If this is second or more time you have done the MB Cleans, try to stick with that movement the entire workout. Your score is total time. 

Friday 1.18.19

“Rotten to The Core”

For Time 

3 Rounds (Adv: 4 Rounds)

300/250 meter Ski Erg 

20 Ball slams 

20 Sit ups (Adv: Arms Crossed)

120 Jump Rope Singles (Adv: 60 DU)

Time cap: 16 min 


Core Down

Coaches Notes: Today will be a challenging workout to finish the week! We’ve been working on adding some distances the ski Erg over the last few weeks, try to maintain a good push pace for all 3 rounds! Your score today is total time. 

Saturday 1.19.19

“The Walking Dead” (Compare: 10.19.18)

For Time – Teams of 2

4 Rounds 

40/30 cal Row

50 Walking Lunges (Adv: DBs)

100 meter Empty Sled Push (Adv: Add plate)

Time cap: 25 min

Coaches Notes: For this partner workout you will break up the reps in any way. Start early with breaking things up into small sets so that it doesn’t catch up to you by round 4.  Your score is total time.

Sunday 1.20.19

“BF Style 18.1” (Compare: 2.23.18)


8 Hanging Knees to Chest (Adv: K2E)

10 DB Hang Clean and Press

200 meter Run

Coaches Notes: It’s time to re test some old open workouts and get ready for this upcoming season. This was a very new experience for everyone last year so for those that were with us, they should feel like they much more comfortable! Score today is total reps.