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BeachFit Week of WODS 4.29.19

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Monday 4.29.19

“Crunk Juice”

In 9:00 build to your heaviest:

5 KB or DB Goblet Squat (32X1)

*After each set complete:

20 sec. of Weighted Side Plank / Side 


250/200 meter Row 

12 Alternating DB Snatch 

12 Hanging Knees to Chest 


Coaches Notes:

Today is similar to last Monday with a focus on the tempo front loaded squat, as well gymnastic endurance and some unilateral work. Your score for today is heaviest weight used for the KB goblet Squat for part A and rounds + reps for part B.


Tuesday 4.30.19

“Juggernaut” (Compare: 1.9.19)

5 Rounds

1:00 Max reps of Bike Erg Cals

1:00 Max reps of Push Ups

-Rest 2:00-


Cool Down 

Coaches Notes: Today we have a challenging workout that combines aerobic power work with upper body pushing endurance. Your score is total combined reps from both movements. 

Wednesday 5.1.19

“Puddle Jumper”

Every 4:00 for 24:00 complete:

250 meter Run (Adv: 300 m)

18 Box Jumps

21 Sit ups 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a long interval workout that is building on the volume we’ve been adding in preparation for Murph. Find a good pace that is challenging but won’t take you out of the game for the later rounds.

Thursday 5.2.19



7 Half Kneeling Anti-Rotational DB Strict Press / arm (20X0)

7 SA Bent over KB Rows / arm (20X0)

30-40 Alternating Tuck Hold Heel Touches (Adv: Hollow knee touch)

40’ Bent over Sled Pull 

100 m Heavy Dball on the shoulder Carry (50m/Side)

Coaches Notes:

Today we are building the perfect beach body with a wide variety of strength movements that will Target everything from head to toe. Take your time and give us quality over more rounds!

Friday 5.3.19

“Downhill 2.0”

In 10:00 build to your heaviest:

8-10 Double DB Front Rack Step up / leg

*After each set: 

400/300 meter Bike Erg after each set (Increae pace)

For Time:

800 meter Run

60 Lunges (Adv: Add DBs)

30 Burpees 

Time cap: 11 min 

Coaches Notes:

Today is an emphasis on unilateral lower body strength and endurance. Part B will require you to get a little uncomfortable and push through the finish line!

Saturday 5.4.19


For Time 

5 Rounds 

75 Jump Rope Singles 

7 SA Hang Clean and Press / arm 

7 Australian Ring Rows (20X0; Adv: 3 Rope Lowers)

7 MB Rotational Throws / side 

Time cap: 16 min


Core Wod 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a short burner with a lot of shoulder and pulling endurance. Stick around for a core workout to finish off the week!

Sunday 5.5.19

“Earth, Wind, and Fire”

AMRAP 20 – Teams of 3

Max Calorie Bike


Max Calorie Row 

*One teammate must be running 300 meters (Adv: 400 m) at all times. 

Coaches Notes:

All 3 teammates will be working at all times. One on bike Erg, one on a rower, and one completing the run. When partner 3 has returned from completing their run, everyone will rotate and continue this pattern for the entire workout. Your score today is total combined calories of the bike and row for each team.