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BeachFit Week of WODS

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Monday 7.8.19

“Mirror Mirror”

Every 5:00 for 25:00 complete:

300 meter Run (Adv: 400 m)

30 Plate Jumps 

15 Sit ups (Adv: 20 reps)


Coaches Notes:

Today is a longer aerobic workout where we are focusing on repeatability! We want you to start out at a pace you can repeat, or maybe get slightly faster each round. Your rounds should be around 3:00 but could be slightly faster or slower depending on your intensity. Remember, the goal is not the fasted round possible it’s having them all look the same across the 5 sets!! Your score today is the total deviation between fasted and slowest round with the goal being a score of ZERO.



Tuesday 7.9.19


1:00 on / 1:00 off

10 Rounds 

7 Burpees (Adv: 10 reps)

With remaining time:

Max reps of Plate Ground to OH


Coaches Notes:

Today is a spicy one! Work to complete the burpees as fast possible, but make sure to be smart on the plate Ground to OH in the first few rounds. Ideal weight for men is 45#, women 25#. Your score for this workout is your total Plate Ground to OH accumulated over the 10 rounds.



Wednesday 7.10.19

“Deep Roots”


Min 1: 40 sec. of Ball Slams 

Min 2: 40 sec. of Bike Erg

Min 3: 40 sec. of Double DB Suitcase DL (30X1)

Min 4: 30-40 sec. of FLR on DBs (Adv: Rings)


Coaches Notes:

Today is meant to be a nice sweaty workout to break up the week. We want to have PERFECT movement today so forget moving up in weight going to any advanced options unless you have complete command of the tempos/mechanics. No score today just notes. 



Thursday 7.11.19

“Stranger Things”


10/7 cal Row (Adv: 12/9)

12 Step Ups With DBs 

-Rest 1:30-


6-8 Side Plank Rotations / Side (Adv: Add plate)

30 sec. of Goblet Wall Sit 

-Rest 1:30-


6-8 Aussie Ring Rows (20X1)

30 sec. of DBall Front Hold 


Coaches Notes:

Today is a lower body focus with the intention of hitting many different movements, and keeping them all aerobic. Try to find a pace that you can keep moving the whole time. Even though we are taking a break every 7:00 minutes it isn’t very much rest! Your score today is rounds + reps for each workout. 



Friday 7.12.19

“Fact Checker”

In 10:00 build to your heaviest:

8 SA DB Strict Press / arm

*After each set:

30 sec. of MB Deadbugs 



150/100 meter Ski Erg (Adv: 200/150 m)

10 Wall Balls 

10 Hanging Knee Tucks (Adv: Knees to Elbow)

Coaches Notes:

Today we are putting a major emphasis on upper body strength and muscle endurance. In part A are re testing our 8 rep max Strict press from about 6 weeks ago. In part B, we are looking to develop our conditioning along with focusing on some gymnastic fundamentals. Your score today is your weight used in part A and Rounds + reps for part B.



Saturday 7.13.19

“Kiddie Pool”

For Time – In teams of 2

3,000/2400 meter Row 

400 Jump Rope Singles (Adv: 200 DU)

10 Rounds of “BF Cindy” (Alternate each movement; Adv: Strict Pull ups)

Time cap: 25 min 


Coaches Notes:

We have adapted a really fun CF WOD named “Tread Water”




Sunday 7.14.19

“99 Problems But A Box ‘Ain’t One” (Compare: 11.24.18,3.9.19)

For Time 

10 Rounds

100 meter Run

9 KBS (Adv: 53+/35+)

9 Box Jumps 

Time cap: 21 min 


Coaches Notes:

Today is a tough workout that will really challenge you during the later rounds to hold on to the KB and maintain your working pace, be sure to choose a good pace from the start as the limiter will be your breathing by the end. Score today is total time.