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BeachFit Week of WODs 9.30.19

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Monday 9.30.19

“Billy Bob”


10/7 cal Ski 

10 Burpees 

-Rest 30 seconds-


10/7 cal Row 

10 DB Front Squats (Adv: 50+/30+)

-Rest 30 seconds-


10/7 cal Bike Erg 

10 RKBS (Adv: 70/53)

-Rest 30 seconds-

Coaches Notes:

Today is a long, challenging aerobic endurance workout that will serve as an excellent re test down the road. This is a great day to work on pacing! Your score for this workout is rounds + reps for each part individually.



Tuesday 10.1.19

“Oh Snap 2.0”

6 Sets:

1:30 On / 1:30 Off 

7 D Ball Cleans (Adv: 80+/50+)

With remaining time:

Max calorie Bike Erg 


Core Down

Coaches Notes:

Today is our high intensity interval piece for the week. Choose a challenging weight for the Dball that will really make you work for your 7 reps. It will be very hard to sprint the bike, and you won’t want to if you want to last all 6 sets. Try to find your hardest push pace you can sustain for the long haul! Your score today is total bike calories over the 6 sets. 



Wednesday 10.2.19

“Tuck N’ Run”


Min 1: 200 meter Run (Adv: 250 m)

Min 2: 40 sec. of SA Front Rack KB Walking Lunges (Alt each round)

Min 3: 40 sec. of Tuck Hold (Adv: Hollow Hold)

-Rest 1:30-


Min 1: 40 sec. of Plate Jumps 

Min 2: 40 sec. of Shoot Throughs (3 sec. pause)

Min 3: 40 sec. of PVC Banded Rows (3 sec. pause)

Coaches Notes:

Today is a longer aerobic day with some good work on fundamentals and body building exercises. There is no score for today just add notes.



Thursday 10.3.19

“Wonder Wall”

In 5-6 sets:

Build to a 6RM Single Arm DB Press / Arm

*After each set Jog 100 meters 

Time cap: 9 min 


15 Wall Balls (Adv: 20/14)

12 Sit Ups (Adv: Arms Crossed)

9 Box Jumps 

Coaches Notes:

Today’s Focus is on the shoulder press, we want to get a good working number for the next few weeks! For part B, we are looking for 5+ rounds and a really good challenge for our regular attendees is 6 rounds, 2 minutes or better! Your score for part A is heaviest DB for 6 reps on each arm(RECORD THIS WEIGHT!!!) Part B is rounds + reps.



Friday 10.4.19

“Fat Amy”

In 10:00 Complete 4-5 sets of:

8 Double DB Deadlift (30X1)

*After every set:

6-8 Ring Rows(30X1; Adv: 3-5 Pull Up Negatives)


15 Ball Slams 

30 sec. of Plank (Adv: Weighted)

40 meter Heavy Farmer’s Carry (Adv: 70+/53+)

Coaches Notes:

Today is another strength focused day to end the week. We want to see you challenge yourself with the weight today in both parts! Your goal for part B is to complete 4 rounds. The aim is to keep volume on the low side as we prepare to take on a long retest that has a lot of reps tomorrow. Your score for today is heaviest DB used in part A plus notes. For part B, rounds + reps. 



Saturday 10.5.19

“Loredo” (Compare: 5.14.19)

For Time

5 Rounds (Adv: 6 Rounds)

24 Air Squats 

24 Push ups 

24 Walking Lunges 

400 meter Run 

Time cap: 34 min 

Coaches Notes:

Today we are re testing a workout we did in preparation for Murph back in May. The Advanced option is the actual “Loredo” workout found on! Your score today is total time. 



Sunday 10.6.19


AMRAP 22 – In teams of 2

60/45 cal Row 

50 Partner MB Sit Ups 

40 DB Box Step Overs 

3 Rope Lowers (Per Partner; Adv: 5 reps each)

Coaches Notes:

Today is a really fun partner workout that will require teammates to share the work all the way through and chip away at these reps. A good challenge for today would be to finish 3 total rounds! Your score for today is rounds + reps.