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BeachFit Week of WODS 8.5.19

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Monday 8.5.19

“Bull Market”

On a 9:00 clock build to your heaviest:

7 SA Suitcase Deadlift / arm (Compare to 1.29.19)

After each set:

30 seconds of Alternating Plank Leg Lifts


For Time

4 Rounds

10/6 Cal Ski Erg (Adv: 12/8)

15 Hanging Knees to Chest (Adv: Knees to Elbow)

20 Ball Slams

Time cap: 12 min

Coaches Notes:

Today we are re testing a DL movement we did many months ago. Part B is going to be a sneaky hard workout for the core and grip! You’re score today is KB used for part A and total time for part B.



Tuesday 8.6.19

“Rush Hour”


Min 1: 8 SA DB Push Press / Arm

Min 2: 10 Box Jumps (Adv: 15 reps)

Min 3: 15 Air Squats  (Adv: 20 reps)

Min 4: 10 Ring Rows (20X0; Adv: 5-8 Strict Pull ups)

Min 5: Rest

Coaches Notes:



Wednesday 8.7.19

“Four Loko” (Compare: 6.5.19)

For Time

4 Rounds (Adv: 5 Rounds)

200 meter Run

250/200 meter Ski Erg

250/200 meter Row

500/400 meter Bike Erg

Time cap: 23 min

Coaches Notes:

Today is another tough aerobic workout where  we really want to see you push the pace!  This is retest from about 8 weeks ago so check Sugar wod for your previous time and shoot to beat it! Score today is total time.



Thursday 8.8.19

“Heads or Tails 2.0”

8 sets:

2:00 on / 1:00 off

Sets 1-4 perform:

250 meter Run (Adv: 300 m)

In remaining time:

Max reps of Push ups

Sets 5-8 perform:

300/250 meter Row (Adv: 350/300m)

In remaining time:

Max reps of Wall Balls

Coaches Notes:

Today we have stepped up another level of our “Heads or Tails” Workout. This workout is 8 total sets with each interval having a little extra work time that is designed to require a harder effort. There is no rest between part A and B, so this will be 8 continuous/consecutive sets. Your score today is total combined reps over all sets.



Friday 8.9.19

“Paper Boy”

5 sets:


14/10 cal Bike Erg

14 Hang DB Snatch (7/Side;Adv: 35+/20+)

14 Sit ups

-Rest 1:00-

Coaches Notes:

Today is a fast paced workout that will get pretty tough towards the end. We are focusing on the DB Snatch which is a movement we have been adding back into the program recently. Each new round you will pick up where you left off on previous round. Your score for today is total rounds + reps over all sets.



Saturday 8.10.19

“Downward Spiral”

For Time


Box Jumps

Burpees (Adv: 6” Target)

*After every round:

30 feet of DB Front Rack Walking Lunges (Adv: 50+/30+)

Time cap: 18 min


Core Wod

Coaches Notes:

Today is a really fun workout that requires you to climb down a ladder from 10 reps to 1 rep. It sounds easy but you’ll have to earn it! Your score is total time to complete all 10 rounds.



Sunday 8.11.19

“Triple Threat”

AMRAP 25 – Teams of 3

200 meter Sled Push (Adv: 45+/25+)

60/40 cal Assault Bike

300 meter Dball Carry (Adv: Front Carry)

60/40 cal Row

400 meter Farmer’s Carry (62+/53+ per hand)

Coaches Notes:

Today should be a super fun team of 3 workout to close out the week. This will be with one partner working while the other 2 are resting at all times. Your score today is rounds + reps. Each Carry/Push is worth 2 reps, with the half way point of each carry/Push earning the team 1 rep.