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BeachFit Week of WODS 7.29.19

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Monday 7.29.19

“The Chase”

5 sets:

3:00 on / 1:00 off

300 meter Run (Adv: 400 meters)

10 Alt. DB Front Rack Reverse Lunges (Adv: 60+/40+)

With Remaining Time:

Max reps of Sit ups 

Coaches Notes:

we are building off our longer running/bodyweight intervals from last week. We are looking for you to hit these runs with a harder pace this week. We also have been working on the front rack Lunge a lot in the last month and the goal today is to step up the weight for this movement. Your score is total sit ups accumulated over the 5 sets. 



Tuesday 7.30.19

“Rock Solid”

In 10:00 build to heavy:

6 Double DB Romanian Deadlift (42X1)

*After every set:

20-30 sec. of Knee Tuck Hold on Boxes (Adv: L sit / Paralletes)



12 Box Jumps 

10 Alt. DB Snatch 

4 “12 Volts”

Coaches Notes:

We are continuing our Double DB RDL from last week by adding more time under tension and that is our focus for today. Your score for today is heaviest DB used for part A. Your score for part B is rounds + reps. 



Wednesday 7.31.19

“Hustle & Flow” (Compare: 11.29.18)


Min 1: 200 meter Run (Adv: 250 m)

Min 2: 150/100 meter Ski Erg (Adv: 200/150m)

Min 3: 40 sec. of Wall Sit (Adv: Add MB)


Core Wod 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a nice day to flush the body after a few days of tough workouts. Feel free to make this workout your own and pick and choose different scaling options to make this workout feel good and sustainable for 7 rounds. 



Thursday 8.1.19

“Muscle Marathon”

AMRAP 25 – In Teams of 2

30 DB Bench Press 

30 Australian Ring Rows (20X1)

180 Jump Rope Singles (Adv: 90 DU)

200 meter Dball Carry 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a fun partner workout that will have a strongman/body building feel to it with the classic BeachFit look and length! Try to challenge yourself and your partner with weights on the heavier side today and break up the work often to share the load. Your score for today is rounds + reps. 



Friday 8.2.19

“When It Rains It Pours” (Compare: 9.25.18, 12.26.18)

:30 on / :15 off

7 Rounds @ each station before moving on. Record total reps for each station.

  1. Burpees 
  2. Row Calories 
  3. Wall Balls 

Coaches Notes:

Today we will be recording our rep total for each station. The goal is to achieve maximum possible reps for each movement. Your score will be total reps for the entire workout. Make sure to check Sugar wod to compare any previous scores. 



Saturday 8.3.19

“Stockton and Malone”

For Time

For Time – In teams of 2

4 Rounds 

48/32 cal Bike Erg 

32 MB Partner Sit ups 

16 D Ball Cleans (Adv: 60+/40+)

Time cap: 20 min 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a fast and fun partner workout that will require you to work together on some parts and other places allow you to rest while your partner takes on some of the load. You will be resting much less than you typically do in our team workouts. Your score today is total time. 



Sunday 8.4.19

“Lucky Duck”


7 Ring Rows (30X1; Adv: Strict Pull ups)

10 Dball Step Ups 

-Rest 1:30-


100 meter Run

30 foot Sled Push

30 foot Reverse Sled Drag

-Rest 1:30-


10/7 cal Ski Erg 

7 Devil Press 

Coaches Notes:

We have a few tough couplets for our Sunday workout that incorporate some unique movements that we don’t get to do very often in Beachfit. Pace yourself on the first workout, there isn’t much rest today and it will catch up with you by AMRAP #3! Your score today is rounds + reps for each workout.