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BeachFit Week of WODS 6.3.19

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Monday 6.3.19

“Yard Sale” (Compare: 6.20.18)


Min 1- Run 200 meters 

Min 2- 18 Walking lunges (Adv: Add DBs)

Min 3- 14 Ball Slams 

Min 4- 10/7 cal Ski Erg (Adv:12/9)

Min 5- Rest 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a tough aerobic workout with some body weight/ strength elements mixed in, stay focused and give this 100%. No score just notes today. 


Tuesday 6.4.19

“Dirty Diana”

4 sets:


12 KB Deadlift 

6 Push ups (Adv: 9 reps)

24 Plate Jumps

-Rest 1:30-

Coaches Notes:

Today we are pushing the intensity within these shorter AMRAPS. Challenge yourself with the kB weight and try to work hard enough to deserve the 90 seconds of rest. Your score is rounds + reps, re starting each round back from your beginning movement.


Wednesday 6.5.19

“Four Loko”

For Time 

4 Rounds (Adv: 5 Rounds)

200 meter Run (Adv: 250m)

250/200 meter Ski Erg

250/200 meter Row 

500/400 meter Bike Erg 

Time cap: 23 min 

Coaches Notes:

Today is another tough aerobic workout that we will definitely be using as a tester going forward. Don’t go out too hot, be smart and save some in the tank for the last round! Score today is total time. 


Thursday 6.6.19

“The Last Samurai”


100 meter SA Front Rack KB Carry (50m/arm)

7-9 Bulgarian Split Squat on plate / leg (Adv: on bench)

7-9 SA Bent Over Row / arm (20X1)

14 Straight Leg Sit ups (Adv: Arms crosses)

7-9 Half Kneeling Banded Chops / Side 

Coaches Notes:

We are going to hit every part of the body today! Take your time and focus on being intentional with how you move in this workout. These days are more important than man people realize. No score just notes today.


Friday 6.7.19

“Stick ‘Em Up”

In 10:00 build to your heaviest:

8 SA DB Strict Press / arm

*After each set:

20 feet of Broad Jumps 


60 Jump Rope singles (Adv: 30 DU)

30 sec. of FLR on Floor (Adv: Rings)

12 KBS (Overhead)

Coaches Notes:

We are starting a new cycle for overhead pressing strength today. Our main focus today is on part A and we will use this 8 rep number as a starting point to build from over the next month. In Sugar wod, Record your dB press weight for both arms in part A. Rounds + reps for part B. 


Saturday 6.8.19

“Pearl Harbor” (Compare: 12.7.18, 1.25.19)

For Time 

10 Burpee Box Jump 

20 Dball Cleans 

30/22 cal Bike Erg 

40 Plate Ground to OH

30/22 cal Bike Erg 

20 Dball Cleans 

10 Burpee Box Jump

Time cap: 15 min 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a really fun format that is also pretty challenging! We have tested this workout many times, try to look back to the previous date and re test this workout using the identical weights, box height, etc. If this is the 3rd+ time you have tested this workout, try and challenge yourself by adding to these standard. Score in Sugar Wod is total time.


Sunday 6.9.19

“Holy Fitness 2.0”

AMRAP 20 – Teams of 2

100 Sit ups 

100 D Ball Front Squats 

100/80 cal Row 

*One partner running 100 m at all times. 

Coaches Notes:

Today should be one of our more challenging partner workouts. While one teammate is working away at the reps, the other will be completely a 100m Run. One teammate must be running at all times. Your score for today is rounds + reps.