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BeachFit Week of WODS 6.10.19

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Monday 6.10.19



150/100 meter Ski Erg


-Rest 1:30-


8 Strict Knees to Chest (Adv: Knees to Elbows)

30 sec. of Dball Front Rack Wall Sit 

-Rest 1:30-


200 meter Run 

8 Hammer Curl + DB Push Press 

Coaches Notes:

Today is going to be a lot of work on many different movements. All of the rep schemes are low enough to challenge yourself with tougher skills/weights but also keep moving through each Amrap. Your will record rounds + reps for all 3 AMRAPS individually.(3 total scores)


Tuesday 6.11.19

“Construction Zone”

Every 4:00 for 20:00 complete:

700/600 meter Bike Erg (Adv: 800/700)

20 Air Squats (Adv: 30 reps)

10 Burpees to Target 

Coaches Notes:

We are continuing to build up our battery with moderate length interval workout. Choose standards that will allow you to finish each interval in approximately 2:45. If you have been working out with us for awhile, go for the advanced reps on the squats! Your score today is the time of your slowest round. 

Wednesday 6.12.19

“Team Boat Race” (Compare: 12.18.18 CF)

For Time 

6 Rounds – Teams of 2

500/400 meter Row 

400 meter Run 

*Alternate full rounds

Time cap: 24 min

Coaches Notes:

Today we are taking on a fun partner workout that we originally did on the Crossfit Side. Your score today is total time, make sure to record your partner’s name in the notes. 

Thursday 6.13.19

“Dad Bod”


100 meter Dball Carry 

8-10 Plank Horizontal Pull Throughs (Alt.)

8-10 Aussie Ring Rows (30X1)

30 sec. of Hollow Flutter Kicks with Plate (Adv: Use KBs)

4-8 Box Jumps (build)

Coaches Notes:

Today we are going to be working on upper body and core strength, as well as some dynamic skills. No score today, just get out of your comfort zone and take notes. 

Friday 6.14.19

“Mouth Full”

EMOM 25 (:40 on / :20 off)

Min 1: SA DB Strict Press (R; 20X0)

Min 2: SA DB Strict Press (L;20X0)

Min 3: Butterfly Sit ups 

Min 4: Sumo KB Deadlift (20X1)

Min 5: Alt. Dball Step ups (switch shoulders every round)

Coaches Notes:

Today is an all strength day within an interval format. You will be working for 40 seconds of each minute. There isn’t a score for this but make sure you record your weights used, especially the DB for the Strict press. 


Saturday 6.15.19

“Let The Good Times Roll”

For Time

3 Rounds

Buy In: 800 meter Run (together)

45 Wall Balls 

25 Ring Rows (20X0; Adv: 20 Strict PU)

200 Jump Rope Singles (Adv: 100 DU)

Coaches Notes:

Today should be a fun way to start the weekend. Each team will finish the run together and then will be able to split up the work in any way after the buy in. Your score today is total time. 

Sunday 6.16.19

“Justice League” (Compare: 8.5.18,12.9.18)

For Time – Teams of 2

3 Rounds 

200 meter Farmer’s Carry 

40/30 cal Bike Erg 

40/30 cal Ski Erg

40/30 cal Row 

Time cap: 28 min 

Coaches Notes:

Today we are going to get the heart rate and keep it there for a while! The teams that do well today will know they have a strong grip and a strong pair of lungs! Record your partners name and total time in Sugar wod.