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BeachFit Week of WODS 3.9.20

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Monday 3.9.20

“I’ll Raise You Ten”

EMOM 12:

M1: 8-10 DBL DB RDL (20×1) 

M2: 8-10 Bird Dog (20×1)



12 DB Hang Snatch (6ea arm) (Adv. 50+/35+)

10 Slam Balls

8 Knee Raises (Adv. K2E) (20×1)


Coaches Notes: Today is a double hinging strength piece paired with a core stabilization movement.  Focus here should be on tempo and moving well. Part B will be a quick sprint style workout that should feel like fire to the lungs.  Make sure to keep the tempo on K2C and K2E! Score today for A will be the weight of final three sets of RDL. Score for part B will be Rounds+Reps.



Tuesday 3.10.20

“Subtract Five”


250m Run (Adv. 300m)

20 Wall Balls

15 Sit ups (Adv. Alternating Hollow V-Ups)

10 Burpee Lunges


Coaches Notes: Today will be a longer AMRAP with the potential to get several rounds. Encourage athletes to find a tough pace and stick to it.  Have fun with the burpee lunges; it is a newer movement and should be different and exciting! Full squat depth on the wall ball over target height! Score today is rounds+reps.


Wednesday 3.11.20

“Circus Act”

10 Minutes to Build to a Heavy 6 DB Bench Press (20×1)

 *in between each set perform 6 bent over banded row (20×1)


4 Rounds for Time: 14 Minute Cap

10 Push Ups (Adv. 15)

12 Ring Rows (20×1)

14 Box Jumps

16 Russian Twists w/ Plate

*Adv 5 Rounds


Coaches Notes: Today is a nice “rounds for time” piece with a couple advanced options. The first being upping the pushup amount per round, and the second being the option to complete a 5th round if they are done with 4 rounds by 11 minutes.  Remind about tempo on the rings…even though it is a rounds for time, the tempo is still important. Score today is total time.


Thursday 3.12.20

“Hold Up Wait a Minute”


:40sec Hollow Hold 

10 Landmine Rotations

:40sec Farmer’s Hold (Adv. 70+/53+) 

10 Plate G2OH

:40sec Plate OH Hold

30ft Dball Bear Crawl


Coaches Notes: This is our flush out of the week.  Though it is “slow”, this is a great opportunity for some quality movement and coaching. Encourage athletes to fix areas they struggle will and focus on moving extremely well at each station.  Major focus overall today is the hold. Look for coaching opportunities! No score today but lots of notes! 



Friday 3.13.20

“Carb-in for Cardio”

3 Rounds for Time: 29 Minute Cap

600/500m Ski

800/700m Row

1200/1100m Bike


Coaches Notes: Today will be a challenge to push with a little longer time on each machine than normal. Encourage the athletes to find that slightly uncomfortable pace and hold on. This is our cardio focus for the week! Score is total time.



Saturday 3.14.20

“KerryGold Butter”

AMRAP 19: Teams of 2 Alternating Movements

12 KB Deadlift


12 KB Goblet Squat

12 KB Goblet Reverse Lunge

100m Run


Coaches Notes: Today will be a fun partner workout that allows the athletes to have different movements each round.  In round one, partner one will do 12 KB deadlifts, then partner 2 will do 12. RKBS, then partner one will do 12 goblet squats, partner 2 will do 12 KB Goblet reverse lunges, partner one will run 100m.  Round two will start off with partner 2 this time and continue alternating movements. Deciding factor for weight will likely be the goblet squat and/or reverse lunges…see scaling notes above. Score is total rounds+reps for the team.



Sunday 3.15.20

“Stadium Seating”


1 Dball Stadium Carry

15/12 Ring Push Ups

30ft Plate Push

15 Cal Bike Erg

30ft Plate Push

:30sec Active Hang


Coaches Notes: Today will be a challenging change to our normal Sunday workout. Have some fun with these movements!  The plate push sandwiching the bike erg will definitely be a tough combo, so keep the energy high there. Score today is rounds+reps, but encourage quality movement over speed on the stadium carry and ring pushups.