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BeachFit Week of WODS 3.2.20

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Monday 3.2.20


For Time: 18min cap -Teams of 2

10 Rounds (Alternating Rounds)

3 Dball Cleans (Adv. 80/60)

5 Dball Front Squats (Adv. 80/60)

-1 Mile Run Together- (Adv. 1.5miles)

AMRAP in remaining time

3 Dball Cleans (Adv. 80/60)

5 Dball Front Squats (Adv. 80/60)

Coaches Notes: Today will be a fun and challenging partner workout.  Athletes should look to move quick on the cleans and go unbroken on the squats. Partner 1 will complete one round before partner 2 does their round, alternating until 10 rounds completed. Both athletes will then run together.  Once both partners get back from the run, they will have an AMRAP of 3dball cleans and 5 dball front squats in the remaining time, again alternating rounds.  Score will be rounds+reps of the final AMRAP only.

Tuesday 3.3.20

“We’re Still Here!?”

  • Tabata This: (:20on/:10off) Full Tabata (8 rounds) at Each Station Before Rotating
  • Box Jumps
  • SA DB Strict Press (Adv. 45/30)
  • Sit-ups
  • Renegade Row
  • Ski

*1 minute Rest Between Stations

Coaches Notes: Athletes will stay at their station for 8 rounds of Tabata.  Score today will be total reps for Box Jumps, Sit ups, and Ski Calories.  Keep track separately but score will be total!

Wednesday 3.4.20

“Farmer’s Market”

25 min AMRAP:

:20sec Chin Over Bar Hold (pull-up grip)

:40sec Wall Sit

6 Side Plank Leg Lifts/side (3-second hold at the top)

60ft SA Farmers Carry/side (Adv. Waiter & Farmer)

6 lateral step ups/side (30×1)

Coaches Notes: Today is a great move-well day.  Athletes should look to perfect movements. No score today.

Thursday 3.5.20

“Crash Course”

For Time: 8 min cap


Cal Row

DB Snatch (Adv. 60/40)

At the 10min mark:

For Time: 8 min cap


Cal Bike

Russian KB Swing (62/44)

Coaches Notes: Today will be a challenge to finish.  There is an 8 minute cap on each workout, with a mandatory 2 minutes of rest between the workouts.  This means that if an athlete finished the first workout in 6 minutes, they would have 4 minutes of rest before the next workout.  The faster you go, the more rest you get… HOWEVER, please note the advanced weights are heavier than normal today, so athletes should be challenging themselves. No pink KBs or 10# DBs unless absolutely necessary. It is okay to get time-capped in this workout, it gives the opportunity to “get better”.

Friday 3.6.20

“Drag Queen”

24 min EMOM (:40 sec on/ :20sec off)

M1: 200m run (Adv. 225m)

M2: 20 Plate Hops + Russian Twist with plate in remaining time

M3: Plank (Adv. Weighted)

M4: Backward Sled Drag

Coaches Notes: Today will be a great “before better half battle day”.  Athletes will be running from the alley since they will have sled drag right before. No need to go back inside. No score today.

Saturday 3.7.20

Better Half Battle

Sunday 3.8.20

“Top Ten”

22min AMRAP

500m Row

10 Lateral Lunges/leg (Adv. KB Weighted)

10 Hollow to Superman

1000m Bike

10 Alt Dball Shoulder to OH

10 Slam Balls Coaches Notes: Athletes should look to get close to 3 rounds today.  Score is rounds + reps.