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BeachFit Week of WODS 3.16.20

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Monday 3.16.20

“Send Help”

12min to build up to a heavy 6-8 DBL DB Split Squat/leg (30×1)

  • Between each set perform 10 banded good mornings (30×1) (purple/green band)


100m Ski

12 DBL DB Thrusters (Adv. 35/20)

-rest 1 min-


100m Run

12 RKBS (Adv. 62/44)

Coaches Notes: Todays strength is a unilateral squat focus that allows the athlete to keep their feet in place and drive hard through the front leg.  Both AMRAPS are sprint style and the athletes should essentially sell their soul in each one…hence the “send help”.  Score for part A will be heaviest set of dumbbells used for 6-8 reps. Score for part B will be two separate rounds+reps.

Tuesday 3.17.20

“In A World Full of Negatives”

EMOM 20 (:40on/:20off)

M1. Bike Erg Cals

M2. Chin Up Negatives (30×1)

M3. Side Plank

M4. Jump Rope

M5. Tuck to Hollow (31×1)

Finisher: Arms by Amanda #thanksarlan

3 sets of 12 reps

DBL DB Bicep Curls

DBL DB Bent Over Row

Coaches Notes: Today is a great day for some moving around and some strength building with the eccentric chin-up.  The tuck to hollow will be new so coach them up! Encourage everyone to push the bike, but stay consistent, and to try the chin-ups. Score today will be LOWEST number of bike cals.

Wednesday 3.18.20

“Flat Iron”

10 minutes to build to a heavy 6-8 SA Strict Press/Arm (20×1)

            *between each set perform 6 SA banded row/arm (20×1)

For Time: 18min Cap

800m Run

10 SA DB Hang Clean and Press (50/35)

10 Box Jumps

200m Run (Adv. 400m)

20 SA DB Hang Clean and Press

20 Box Jumps

200m Run (Adv. 400m)

10 SA DB Hang Clean and Press

10 Box Jumps

800m Run

Coaches Notes: Classic strength today to see how strong the shoulders are becoming.  Workout will be challenging and run focused, encourage them to run the full routes! Time cap allows for a 15minute mile and a half pace which should be sufficient.  DB weight stays the same throughout. Score is Total Time.

Thursday 3.19.20

“Post Malone”


5 Turkish Bridge Up/side

7 MB Rotational Throws/Side (20×1)

:30 DBall Front Hold

50ft DBall Shoulder Carry/side

50m Sled Drag

Coaches Notes: Today is a nice flow through day with a ton of coaching opportunities.  Major emphasis on the Turkish bridge station, can probably hang here for most of the class.  No score today…just your favorite emoji!

Friday 3.20.20

“Channing Tatum”

4 Rounds


10 DBL DB Step Ups

10 Push Ups (Adv. 15)

12/9 Cal Row

*Rest 1 min between rounds

Coaches Notes: Four 5-minute AMRAPs separated by a 1minute rest, picking up where you left off each time. This will get rather spicy as the time goes on.  Score today is total rounds and reps at the end of the 4 rounds.

Saturday 3.21.20


AMRAP 20 (Teams of 2)

100 Goblet Squats

80 Alternating V-Ups

60 Jumping Pullups

40 Gunrack Lunges (Adv. Plate OH Lunges)

20 Synchro Burpees

Coaches Notes: Everything today is one working at a time, except for the synchro burpees.  Teams should be moving quickly, taking short bouts of rest as their partner works.  Score is total rounds and reps for the team.

Sunday 3.22.20

“Dragon Ball Z”


300m Run

15 Sumo KB Deadlift

60ft Bottoms Up KB Carry/Arm

5 Dragon Flag (30×1)

300m Ski

6 Frog Touches/Side

Coaches Notes: Today is a fun flow through day with some familiar movements and some newer movements.  Score will be rounds and reps, but quality movement is the focus!