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BeachFit Week of WODS 2.24.20

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Monday 2.24.20

“Dum Dum Pop”

                For Time: (20 min cap)

800m Run

10 DB Burpees + 10 DB Front Squats + 10 DB Push Press (Adv. 40+/25+)

600m Run

10 DB Burpees + 10 DB Front Squats + 10 DB Push Press 

400m Run

10 DB Burpees + 10 DB Front Squats + 10 DB Push Press 

200m Run

Coaches Notes: This workout is designed to push some limits.  Athletes should push runs knowing the distance shortens each round. Athletes will use the same weight for all three movements and the reps will stay consistent.  Score today is total time.



Tuesday 2.25.20

“That Escalated Quickly”

EMOM 25 (:45on/:15off)

M1: Australian Ring Rows (Adv. Chin Ups) (20×1)

M2: Sit-Up Power Throw

M3: Jump Rope

M4: Max Cal Ski

M5: Rest

Coaches Notes: Today is a high skill style start with a strong cardio finish each round.  Australian ring rows/chin ups will have a 20×1 tempo.  Athletes should go hard on the ski knowing they have a minute of rest following. Score today is max cals on the ski over 5 rounds.



Wednesday 2.26.20

“A Pinch of Salt”

6 Sets 2:30 ON/1:00 OFF  (Alternating Sets)

900m/800m Bike

In Remaining Time: Plate Pinch

500m/400m Row

In Remaining Time: Frog Touches

Coaches Notes: Today will have a cardio buy-in with a challenging after-piece.  Athletes will finish their machine and spend the remaining time doing frog touches/plate pinch.  Have athletes alternate back and forth (A,B,A,B,A,B etc). No score today.



Thursday 2.27.20

“Every Which Way”

In 10:00 build to a heavy 8-10 DBall Reverse Lunge

*After each set complete 4-5 side plank rotations/side (30×1)


10 DBall Step-Ups

:30 sec Tall Kneeling Pallof Hold/Side 

10 Lateral Shuffles

Coaches Notes: Today is largely focused on the unilateral squat.  Dball reverse lunge gives a challenging change to a familiar movement.  Athletes should be focused on moving well in the AMRAP.  Score today is rounds + reps.



Friday 2.28.20

“Jack Hammer” (Repeat: Compare to 7.24.19, 12.29.19)

Every 4:00 for 28:00

300m Run (Adv. 400m)

15 RKBS (Adv. 53+/35+)

10 Push Ups (Adv. 15)

Coaches Notes: Today is a long aerobic endurance/muscle endurance workout. We borrowed this gem from the CrossFit side. Pick a set of standards that will allow you to finish each set under 3:00. You can mix and match regular and advanced options to make this workout specific to your abilities. No score today just take notes. 



Saturday 2.29.20

“The Final Push”


:30sec SA OH KB Hold/Side

10 Knees to Chest (Adv. Knees to Elbows)

30m Sled Push

300m Row

Coaches Notes: Today’s AMRAP should allow athletes to move rather quickly from station to station.  The sled push should be light and fast pushing 15m down and 15m back. Score today is rounds and reps.



Sunday 2.30.20

“Fast Company”

3 Rounds for Time: Teams of 2 (26 min cap)

500m/400m Ski (Partner must be in a wall sit)

40 KB Goblet Squat

1000m Bike (Partner must be in a plank)

40 SA DB Hang Clean and Press (Switch arms every 5 reps)

Coaches Notes: Fast company will be a spicy partner workout for the week.  Encourage athletes to move quickly on the machines so their partner isn’t in a wall-sit or plank forever.  Goblet squat and HC&P should be a challenging weight, but one they could do at least a set of 10 when fresh, though they may only do a set of 5 at a time. 8 minutes per round would have them finishing under the cap!  Score today is total time.