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BeachFit Week of WODS 2.17.20

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Monday 2.17.20


In 12:00 build to a heavy 8 DB shoulders-on bench press (20×1)

*Between each set perform :30 seconds of plank-around-the-world


100m run

12 push ups

14 alternating v-ups

16 bench jump overs

Coaches Notes: Part A is a strength set focused on chest and glutes.  The goal is to build up in weight maintaining a solid glute bridge and good body positioning.  Part B is a quick sprint.  Encourage athletes to move well, but fast.  Score for part A is heaviest set of DBs for 8 reps.  Score for part B is rounds+reps.



Tuesday 2.18.20

“Some Assembly Required”


8 suitcase deadlift (build) (30×1)

10 PVC row (30×1)

:30sec alternating MB deadbug (30×1)

-rest 1 minute-



8 banded pull-through (30×1)

10 SA DB bent-over row (build) (30×1)

:30sec flutter kick

Coaches Notes: Today is a body health day with a focus on a strength build in both part A and part B.  Athletes should be looking to move perfectly with the tempo.  Score for A is heaviest KBs used.  Score for part B is heaviest DB used.



Wednesday 2.19.20

“Sparkling Water”

5 Sets 3:00 on/1:30 off

400m run

10 Slam balls

Max reps of Burpees in remaining time:


Core Wod

Coaches Notes: Today is a complete lung burner.  The biggest focus is on the run. ALL athletes should be running the 400m route the first round and will continue to run the 400 as long as they can get at least 1 burpee each round.  Do not scale them unless they are unable to get to burpees. **Try to get everyone (except injured and pregnant ladies) to run! J  Score today is total burpees across all rounds.



Thursday 2.20.20



1000m Bike Erg

60ft SA Front Rack KB Lunges (30ft ea arm)

500/400m Ski Erg

30ft KB pull-through Bear Crawl

Coaches Notes: This is our flush for the week.  Athletes should look to move well and keep all KB movements under control. Can build weight each round if feeling good and form allows.  Bike and ski pace should be consistent throughout.



Friday 2.21.20

“Sassy Sixties”

For Time: 19:00 Time Cap

200m DBALL Carry (Buy In)

-60 DB Hang Snatch (Adv 50/35)

-60 Box Jumps (Adv 24/20)

-60 Ring Rows (20×1)

200m Farmers Carry (Cash Out)

                *Partition middle three movements however

Coaches Notes: Today is a spicy chipper style workout with a set buy-in and cash-out.  Athletes will all start in the middle of the alley with carries.  Farmers carry will head east and around both buildings, while DBalls will head west and around both buildings.  DB hang snatch, box jumps, and ring rows can be broken up however (i.e. 10 sets of 6, 6 sets of 10, 4 sets of 15, etc). Spend a little time with rep scheme break up options and encourage whiteboard use!  Ring rows have a 20×1 tempo.



Saturday 2.22.20


AMRAP 25: Teams of 2

2500m Row Buy In

25 MB Squats

25 MB Step Ups

25 MB Sit Ups

250m MB Run Together

Coaches Notes: Today’s focus is on moving with a medball.  Row will take a decent chunk of time; encourage athletes to do quick sprints here (i.e. 1 minute, 250m, etc).  AMRAP should be quick through the movements.  One athlete works while the other one rests.  Score is rounds + reps.



Sunday 2.23.20

“Balancing Act”


500m Bike

20 Plank Knee to Elbow

:20sec Pallof Press/side

30ft Backward Sled Pull (135/90)

120ft SA Bottoms Up KB Carry (60ft ea arm)

20 Plate Russian Twists

Coaches Notes: Athletes can choose which bike to use, but encourage assault/rogue.  Plank K2E will be under the mezzanine.  Today is about moving for quality.  No score: best emoji wins!