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BeachFit Week of WODs 12.2.19

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Monday 12.2.19

“The Minute Clinic”


Min 1: Run 200 meters 

Min 2: 40 sec. of Jump Rope Singles 

Min 3: 40 sec. of Ski Erg 

Min 4: 40 sec. of Side Plank 

Min 5: 40 sec. of Bike Erg 

Coaches Notes:

Today is meant to be a long aerobic day done at an easy pace, very similar to “Three Hour Tour”. Start off at a warm up effort and only increase your pace if you feel good and you are sure you can repeat that effort throughout the remainder of the workout. There is no score for today.



Tuesday 12.3.19

“Jump Ball”

In 10:00 build to your heaviest:

8 D Ball Front Squat (20X1)

After every set complete:

6 SA KB Bent over Rows (20X1) / Arm



8 Ring Rows (Adv: 3-6 Strict Pull Up)

12 Box Jumps 

16 Alternating DB Front Rack Reverse Lunges 

Coaches Notes:

Today will have a squat and pulling strength focus to start the day. We are building on last week’s strength work and also retesting from a few months back. The goal is to compare this number to 9.25.19 and also should be heavier than lasts week’s final DB Front Squat from “BEAR Necessities part B”. Choose a manageable weight for part B and try to stay unbroken on the lunges! Your score for today is heaviest Dball used in part A and rounds + reps for part B. 



Wednesday 12.4.19

“Stay In Your Lane” (Compare: 9.5.19)

4 sets:

4:00 on / 2:00 off 

400 meter Run (Adv: 500 meters)

16 Alternating DB Snatches (Adv: 40+/25+)

With remaining time: 

Max Reps of Burpees 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a longer interval workout where we are continuing our focus on building volume with higher effort running. Athletes should look to really push the pace on the run and then find an effort on the remainder of the movements (DB Snatch/Burpee) where they feel they can recover while still getting as much work done as possible. This will be necessary because of the shorter rest given between intervals today. Your score for today is total burpees over all sets. Today you will have 2 scores, your DB weight will be score 1. Your total burpees will be score 2.



Thursday 12.5.19

“Santa’s Lap”


40 meter SA Farmer’s Carry / Arm 

5 Shoot Throughs (2 sec. Pauses)

15 Strict Knees to Chest (Adv: 10 Strict Knees to Elbow)

20 sec. of Superman Hold 

40 sec. of Wall Sit  

Coaches Notes:

Today is all about perfect movement. Our focus is on performance care and strengthening imbalances, as well as key body weight fundamentals. Treat today with a recovery effort and get ready to attack the rest of the week with a lot of intensity! There is no score for today just notes. 



Friday 12.6.19

“Pass The Baton”

AMRAP 22 – In Teams of 2 (Alt. Each movement)

12/9 cal Row (Adv: 16/12)

16 SA DB Push Press (8/Arm; Adv: 40+/25+)

30 meter Sled Push 

Coaches Notes:

Today will be a really fun partner workout to end our week! Each teammate will alternate every movement so that you will be doing the opposite movements each new round. This workout is designed to be challenging on the push press weight choose a DB that will make 8 reps very hard work for you! Your score today is rounds + reps.



Saturday 12.7.19


For Time 


RKBS (Adv: 70/53)

Sit Ups 


D Ball Cleans (Adv: 80+/50+)

Time cap: 14 minutes 


Core Wod 

Coaches Notes:

This is going to be a  fast and furious workout but we think you will really enjoy it! Push through that first round and things will really begin to roll down hill. Trust us when we say that the heavier you go on the D Ball the more fun you will have today! 



Sunday 12.8.19

“MUGS” (Compare: 2.4.19, 8.13.19)

Every 3:00 for 21:00 complete:

200 meter Run (Adv: 250m)

12-15 Wall Balls 

30 sec. of Heavy Dball Hold

Coaches Notes:

Today is a challenging interval workout that has become a Beachfit classic. Choose a scale that will allow you to finish each set around 2:00-2:15 and work hard to hold that pace over the 7 rounds! Your score today is your heaviest dball used.