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BeachFit Week of WODs 10.7.19

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Monday 10.7.19

“Ben and Jerry’s”

AMRAP 21 – In teams of 2

40/30 cal Row

40 Box Jumps (One partner has to be in a plank at all times)

40/30 cal Ski Erg 

250 meter D Ball Carry (Adv: 80+/50+)

Coaches Notes:

Warm Up/Cool Down Suggestions: Prep core and back for carries and lower extremities for jumping.

Movement Specifications: All work can be broken up in any way. During the Box Jumps, one partner must be in a plank at all times. The Dball can be carried on ANY shoulder. 

Staging Notes: 10 Rowers; 5 On each Wall.  10 Ski Ergs along the tv. Gymnastic Mats on the East side of the rig. Boxes on main floor. 

Heats/Starting Stations: Start teams evenly across all movements. One rower and ski Erg per team! 

Scaling Notes: See Advanced options above. 

Explanation Notes: Today is a fun and intense partner workout to begin the week. You and your teammate can share the work however you see fit. Your score for today is rounds + reps. 



Tuesday 10.8.19

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

Every 4:00 for 28:00 complete: 

10/7 cal Bike (Adv: 13/10)

35 Plate Jumps 

200 meter Run (Adv: 250 meters)

Coaches Notes:

Today is all about finding a pace you can sustain over the long haul. Work hard to earn yourself the rest but make sure you can repeat it each round. Your score today is the difference between your fastest and slowest round IN SECONDS. For example, if your fastest round is 2:30 and slowest round is 3:36 then your score for today is 66. 



Wednesday 10.9.19

“Minute to Win It”

EMOM 24 

Min 1: 40 sec. of SA DB Press (20X1)

Min 2: 40 sec. of Plate Dead Bugs 

Min 3: 40 sec. of RKBS

Min 4: 40 sec. of Burpees 

Coaches Notes:

Today is longer aerobic interval workout. We are also incorporating some useful corrective and strength work. Try to build your press weight every 2 rounds. You have 2 scores today; your heaviest DB used for the press and your total number of burpees.



Thursday 10.10.19

“Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It”


40 sec. of Wall Sit (Adv: KB Goblet)

14 Banded Tricep Extensions (1 sec. pause)

7 SA Ring Rows / Arm 

14 Alt. SL Double DB Deadlift 

40 sec. of Jump Rope Singles (Adv: Double Unders)

Coaches Notes:

Today is a longer performance care day with a lot of different movements to touch on some fundamentals and add an aerobic flare to the day. There is no score for today just do what feels right and have fun!



Friday 10.11.19

“The Chase” (Compare: 7.29.19)

5 sets:

3:00 on / 1:00 off

300 meter Run (Adv: 400 meters)

10 Alt. DB Front Rack Reverse Lunges (Adv: 60+/40+)

With Remaining Time:

Max reps of Sit ups 

Coaches Notes:

This is a good retest from about 10 weeks ago, encourage athletes to replicate the weights/standards from that previous date! Today we are looking for you to hit these runs with a hard pace. We also have been working on the front rack Lunge a lot in the last couple months so challenge yourself with the weight here. Your score is total sit ups accumulated over the 5 sets. 



Saturday 10.12.19

“Bend It Like Beckham”

For Time 

5 Rounds (Adv: 6 Rounds)

18/14 cal Bike Erg 

14 Alternating DB Snatches (Adv: 45/30)

10 Jumping Pull ups 

6 Burpee Box Jumps 

Time cap: 22 min 

Coaches Notes:

Today should be a fun but challenging test for all athletes. Push the pace 



Sunday 10.13.19

“Attack of The Clones” (Compare: 6.19.19)


21/15 cal Row

30-40 sec. of FLR on DBs (Adv: Rings)

15/9 cal Ski Erg  

30-40 sec. of Side Plank R

250 meter Run 

30-40 sec. of Side plank L

Coaches Notes:

Today is a long aerobic workout that is meant to push you to sustain the highest level of output possible. A good goal for today 3+ rounds.  A good Advanced goal would be 4+ rounds. Your objective today is to make EVERY round the exact same pace, hence the name. Your score today is rounds + reps. The Run and each static hold will count as 1 rep for scoring purposes.