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BeachFit Week of WODs 10.28.19

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Monday 10.28.19

“Puddle Of Mud”

6 sets:

2:00 on / 1:00 off 

200 meter Run (Adv: 250 meters)

7 Burpees 

With remaining time: 

Max Reps of D Ball Cleans (Adv: 80+/50+)


Core Wod 

Coaches Notes:

Today is going to be a challenge for all athletes. Hit each set hard and try to earn as much time as you can on the dball each set. Your score for today is total dball Cleans + your Dball weight. For example, if you have 30 d Ball Cleans total over the 5 sets and you used a 60# Dball, your score = 90.



Tuesday 10.29.19

“Michael Myers” (Compare: 10.30.18)

For Time 

5 Rounds (Adv: 6 Rounds)

15 Box Jump 

12/9 cal Ski Erg 

21 RKBS (Adv: 62+/44+)

Time cap: 17 min 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a real burner, aim to go unbroken as long as possible on the swings and try to maintain a nice push pace on the ski Erg without falling off it! Your score for is total time to compete.



Wednesday 10.30.19

“Freak Show”

In 9:00 build to a heavy: 

6-8 Half Kneeling DB Arnold Press (20X0) / Arm

After every set complete:

300/200 meter Bike Erg (Increase pace each set)

-Rest 1:30-

In 9:00 build to a heavy:

6-8 Goblet Step up / leg 

After every set complete:

30-40 sec. of Side Plank / Side 


2 sets:

1:00 Lizard/ Side (Adv: Grab back foot )

1:00 Prayer Stretch on Boxes 

Coaches Notes:

 Today we are putting an emphasis on strength. We will be hitting the entire body today with an upper body and a lower body strength focus, as well as working on core strength. We are also dedicating some time at the end of our day to mobility. Your score for today is heaviest DB used in part A and or heaviest KB used in part B.



Thursday 10.31.19

“Smell My Feet”


80 meter Farmer’s Carry (Adv: 62+/44+)

40 sec. of D Ball Front Hold 

8 Rings Rows (20X1) (Adv: 3-5 Pull up Negatives)

40 sec. of  Banded Dead Bugs 

80 meter Run 

Coaches Notes:

Today we have designed a performance care/ accessory work day around an obstacle course format. There is no score for today just have fun, get a good sweat, and try something you never have before. 



Friday 11.1.19

“Downward Spiral” (Compare: 8.10.19)

For Time 


Box Jumps

Burpees (Adv: 6” Target)

*After every round:

30 feet of DB Front Rack Walking Lunges (Adv: 50+/30+)

Time cap: 18 min


Core Wod 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a really fun workout that requires you to climb down a ladder from 10 reps to 1 rep. It sounds easy but you’ll have to earn it! Your score is total time to complete all 10 rounds. 



Saturday 11.2.19

“Taste The Rainbow”

AMRAP 20 – Teams of 2

Red: 200 meter Ski Erg 

Yellow: 6 MB Rotational Throws / side 

Orange: 30 Plate Jumps 

Purple: 15 Sit Ups 

Green: 200 meter Run 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a really fun and tasty format we have done before that will require you and your partner to complete the movement that corresponds with each skittle you draw at random. Your score for today is total skittles completed in 20 min.



Sunday 11.3.19

“Sunday Stroll”

For Time 

4 Rounds 

800/600 meter Bike Erg (Adv: 1000/700)

20 Alt. DB Snatches (Adv: 50+/30+)

400/300 meter Row (Adv: 500/400)

20 Wall Balls (Adv: 20/14)

Time cap: 28 min 

Coaches Notes:

All aboard the sustain train! Consistency is the name of the game today. You don’t have to push anything today but you will need to find a pace that you can hold and choose your scale accordingly. If you choose the Advanced option for the bike and rower, you should be able to consistently complete those distances in 2 minutes or less. If not, consider the general program for the day. Your score is total time to complete.