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BeachFit Week of WODS 10.21.19

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Monday 10.21.19

“Thunder Road” (Compare: 7.17.19

In 10:00 build to your heaviest:

10 Double DB Romanian Deadlift (20X1)

After each set:

6-8 Band Chops (High to Low) / Side 

For Time 

Buy In: 1000 meter Run (Adv: 1200 m; Adv+: 1 Mile)


Ball Slams 


Plate Jumps 

Time Cap: 12 min 

Coaches Notes:

We have a little something for everyone today. To start the day we are working on the Deadlift and core strength. Part B is a large dose of heavy breathing with a focus on running. Your score for part A is heaviest DB used. Your score for part B is total time.




Tuesday 10.22.19

“Mars Attacks”

5 Rounds 

1:00 on / :20 off

  1. Ski Erg 
  2. Walking Lunges 
  3. Tall Kneeling OH Plate Hold 
  4. Sit ups 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a long interval workout with the goal in mind of building building aerobic and muscular endurance. Your goal is to get the same number of reps/cals for every round and choose a weight that you can do unbroken for most of the overhead holds. If you feel the need to add weight to the lunges, you are probably not giving the appropriate effort on the other movements. There is no score today just notes. 



Wednesday 10.23.19

“The Rundown 2.0”

AMRAP 22 – In teams of 2 

200 meter Sled Drag 

50 Box Jump 

25 Devil Press 

50 Australian Ring Row

*One partner is running 100 meters at all times. 

Coaches Notes:

Today is a challenging partner workout where you will share all work with your partner. Each team must have one person running 100m at all times. Your score for today is rounds + reps. 



Thursday 10.24.19

“The Awakening” 


12 SA KB Front Squat (6/arm; 20X1)

12 Alternating Band Rotations 

12 Bent Over DB Reverse Fly’s 

1:00 of Jump Rope Singles 

100 meter DB Overhead Carry (50m/arm)

Coaches Notes:

Today we are keeping the intensity lower and working on some controlled strength building. Take your time, keep the tempos, and work up to some challenging numbers for the squat and carry! Try to keep a continuous grind going and the aerobic part will take care of itself! 



Friday 10.25.19

“Dawn of the Dead”


Min 1: 40 sec. of Burpees 

Min 2: 40 sec. of Air Squats 

Min 3: 40 sec. of Bike Erg Cals 

Min 4: Rest 

Coaches Notes:

Today is going to be a tough test for every level of athlete! All movements will be for max reps. Your score is your combined reps over the 6 rounds. 



Saturday 10.26.19

“Jekyll and Hyde”

For Time – Teams of 2

75/50 cal Row 

100 Step ups (Both partners working at the same time)

250 meter Dball Carry 

100 Sit Ups (Both partners working at the same time)

75/50 cal Ski Erg 

Time Cap: 18 minutes 

Coaches Notes:

This should be a fast and fun Saturday partner workout! Treat the machines as a sprint and switch on and off with your partner quickly. You will need to break things up a lot because some parts of this workout you will Not be getting any rest! Your score is total time to complete. 



Sunday 10.27.19

“Beachfit on Elm Street”


200 meter Run 

30 sec. of Wall Sit (Adv: KB Goblet)

20 sec. Hanging Knee Tuck Hold (Adv: L Hold)

45 feet Low Bear Crawl 

10 KB Sumo Deadlift (20X1)

1 Trip Through Agility Ladders

.3/.2 Mile Assault Bike 

Coaches Notes:

Today we are running through an “O-Course” set up as a fun way to spend our Sunday, and also recover for those of you that did the 20.2 wod. There is no score for today so just enjoy a day of moving!