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BeachFit Week of WODS 1.27.20

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Monday 1.27.20

“The People’s Elbow”

In 12:00 build to your heaviest:

12-16 Alt. DB Floor Press 

*After each set:

10/8 cal Row (Increase pace each set)

4 sets @ Each station (15 sec. between stations)

:30 on / :15 off 

  1. Max Cal Row 
  2. Max reps of DB Burpees 
  3. Max reps of SA KB Push Press (alternate intervals)

Coaches Notes:

We are starting the week with a focus on upper body pushing strength. The back half of our day is short but meant to achieve a very high intensity! Your score for today is total weight for part A and your total combined maximum reps for part B. 



Tuesday 1.28.20



40 Plate Jumps 

40 sec. of KB Farmer’s Hold (Adv: 70+/53+)

20 Prisoner Step Ups 

-Rest 1:30-


400 meter Bike Erg 

20 Sit Ups

20 sec. of Active Hang (Adv: Tuck Hold)

Coaches Notes:

Today is a longer workout focusing on developing an aerobic base and functional strength. This should be done at a sustainable pace. Your score is rounds + reps for each workout separately. 



Wednesday 1.29.20

“Downhill Racer”

4 Rounds

1:00 on / :20 off 

  1. 200 meter Run (Adv: 250 m)
  2. Air Squats (20X1)
  3. Max Cal Ski Erg 
  4. Box Jumps (step down)

Coaches Notes:

 Today’s Workout is focused on aerobic power. The run and ski should be pushed for max effort while the squats and box Jumps should be done at more of a controlled pace. Your score for today is total Ski Erg calories accumulated over the 4 rounds. 



Thursday 1.30.20

“The Whole Wheel Of Cheese”

In 9:00 build to a heavy:

8 Double DB RDL (20X1)

*After every set: 

4 Tall Kneeling Paloff Press / Side (2 sec. pause)


8 Side Plank Rotations / Side (20X1)

12 Banded Dead Bugs (20X1)

10 DB Goblet Good Mornings (20X1)

120 foot Heavy Dball Front Carry

Coaches Notes:

Today we are combining a strength segment with one of our typical Typical performance care segments. Your score for part A is heaviest DB used. There is no score for part B. 



Friday 1.31.20

“Pass The Torch”

For Time – In Teams of 2 

3 Rounds 

70/50 cal Bike Erg 

50 Hang DB Clean and Press 

30 Jumping Pull ups 

*Adv: Buy Out 4th set of 70/50 cal Bike Erg 

Time cap: 21 minutes 

Coaches Notes:

Today is super fast paced and fun partner workout to close out the week. You and your teammate will share the work load throughout the entire workout so try and push the intensity when it your turn to go! Your score for today is total time to complete. 



Saturday 2.1.20

“Drive Shack”


Min 1: 40 sec. of Row (blind)

Min 2: 40 sec. of Walking Lunges 

Min 3: 40 sec. of Plank (Adv: Weighted) 

Min 4: 40 sec. of MB Rotational Throws (20X1; Switch sides every round)

Coaches Notes:

Today is meant to a steady state aerobic workout so that we can get a good sweat to start The weekend but also stay fresh for a tough day of BF Spartan Training tomorrow. There is no score for today. 



Sunday 2.2.20

“Doom’s Day Prep 2.0”


300 meter Run 

20 RKBS 

15 foot Low Bearcrawl Forward 

15 foot Low Bearcrawl Backward 

10 Box Jumps (Adv: 24/20)

@ 22 minutes:

Complete 1 Mile Run 

Coaches Notes:

As we close out our BF Spartan Training we will re visit the workout that we did week 1 of this cycle. The goal is to match and/or exceed the original number of rounds you chose to complete that week. There is a twist though, we’ve tagged on a 1 Mile Run to finish off the workout. You will have 2 separate scores for today. Rounds + reps completed for the AMRAP and your total time for the 1 Mile Run.