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BeachFit Week of WODs 1.1.2018

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Monday 1.1.18

Happy New Year!!

Holiday hours – 8:15 and 9:00 am

“ Leroy’s Hangover Cure”

For Time:

600 m RUN

30 Burpees 

Bike 1 mile 

600 Ski erg 

Bike 1 mile 

30 Burpees 

600m RUN

*40 seconds of Plank btwn movements* 

Time cap: 30 min


Tuesday 1.2.18

“Magic Man”


Min 1- :40 of Row for cals 

Min 2- :40 of DB Front squat (20X1)

Min 3- :40 of Sit ups (Adv: Arms crossed)

Min 4- :40 of Box Jump/Step up


Wednesday 1.3.18

“How to Survive a Bear Attack”

5 rounds 

3:00 on / 1:30 off 

Buy In: 250 meter RUN (Sc: 200 m)

60′ Bearcrawl 

12 Sumo KB Deadlift  

AMRAP in remaining time:

“12 Volts”


Thursday 1.4.18


4 sets of:


8 Alt. Hanging Knee to chest 

10/8 cal BIKE

12 OH Contralateral Rev. lunges (6/Side)

100 m SA KB front rack Carry (50/arm)

-Rest :45 between sets-


Friday 1.5.18

“Hollow From the Otherside”


60 Jump rope singles (Adv: 30 DU)

12 Alt. Floor press 

9 Australian Ring rows (Adv: 3 Rope lowers)

6 Side plank taps / side 

*Every 3:00 complete: 30 seconds of Hollow/Tucks rocks (Starting at 0:00)


Saturday 1.6.18

– Condensed Schedule for Mugs and Steve’s Wedding –

7, 8, 9, and 10AM BeachFit/CrossFit Combo Classes in the

North Building Only!!!

“Double Daniel”
For Time: (22 Min Cap)
100 Jumping Pull Ups Adv(Kipping Pull ups)
400m Run Together
42 DB Thrusters S(40/25) RX(50/35)
800m Run Together
42 DB Thrusters
400m Run Together
100 Jumping Pull ups

WOD Tips:
-Today’s workout is a partner variation of the hero workout “Daniel” that is in honor of Army Sgt 1 st Class Daniel Crabtree who was killed in Irag in 2015.
-For this workout, you will be performing all the runs together with your partner, and will be able to break up the pull ups and thrusters as needed with one person
working at a time and the other resting. Keep your sets small and consistent on the pull ups and thrusters. 5-10 reps at a time should be good on the pull ups and
about 8-10 reps at a time on the thrusters. If you have kipping pull ups, you can sub these out for the jumping pull ups today. Just be ready to scale if needed since it
will work out to be about 100 pull ups each.