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Athlete of the Month: Scott Dixon

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Our January Athlete of the Month is Scott Dixon!  Scott has one of the greatest transformations we’ve ever seen at CFPB.  (Apparently that is what happens when you’re married to Coach Melissa.)  When Melissa first served Scott the CrossFit Kool-Aid, she was just a member in the summer of 2016.  You won’t want to miss the story and pics of Scott’s first day in his blog feature. Together they’ve had incredible transformations, supported one another, and are raising two active and fit boys. Scott’s greatest gains have come in the past year as he has dialed in his nutrition and prioritized his best hour at CFPB.  He has lost over 25 pounds to become a lean, mean machine at 200lbs (105lbs muscle) and 9.5% body fat. He has made personal records that have shocked himself.  Don’t miss Scott’s story and the motivations that got him to take charge of his health and be the role model his boys needed. We are grateful to have you in our CFPB family Scott!

Describe your work and personal life for us? What do you do for fun? 
So I am a Boat Captain. I work in the private yacht sector of the industry. I am currently working for a nice family from Texas. I take care of their yacht and its toys. We travel the Bahamas in the spring and summer and that boat gets little to no use in the winter…
I was lucky enough to grow up in Hawaii and Florida so naturally, my hobbies revolve around the ocean. I was spoiled when I lived in Hawaii with amazing surf. So I do still love to surf but I am a bit of snob as to what I consider “good waves”. I am lucky that my employers love to eat fish but aren’t that into the act of catching the fish. So they send my mate and I out to bring home dinner. So I get to do a lot of free-dive spearfishing in the Bahamas as well as some rod and real fishing. Bonus, I get paid for something I would do in my free time. When I’m back home in Jupiter my workload is pretty light so I get to spend a lot of time with family and CrossFit has become my main hobby. Maybe a tad bit obsessed…

Were you athletic growing up? Did you play sports?
I come from a very athletic family. My Dad was two-time national collegiate champion wrestler. He was also played semi-pro football for many years. I am the youngest of three brothers who were also very good athletes. I guess football was my main sport growing up, but I also played basketball and ran track…I played for a powerhouse football program in Hawaii on the varsity team as a freshman and sophomore. I was really fast and had good balance. I got in a lot of garbage time play and was able to put up some really good stats. I was getting looked at from some colleges as a sophomore. Unfortunately, we moved to Cocoa Beach, FL my Junior year and they didn’t have much of a football program so in order to preserve my health I decided to join the swim team… went from jockstrap to a banana hammock, haha. In hindsight, I’m really glad that worked out the way it did with all of the crazy long term health problems associated with football. All along I competed in surfing but found the competition aspect kind of ruined the fun of it for me.

What did you do for fitness before CrossFit?
I stayed pretty active and fit for awhile in my twenties with surfing and some yoga. I also sprinkled in some Globo gym. Slowly as time went on I surfed less and stopped doing yoga. I would go through cycles of Globo gyms and get “kind of fit” but inevitably get bored and stop going. Eventually, I wasn’t doing much of anything for fitness…and before I knew it I had let myself go pretty bad.

How did you find/start CrossFit?
Well pretty much everyone at CFPB knows Coach Melissa (my wife). She saw a sign that said free child care and at the time she was a stay at home mom with two little crazy boys! That’s all she needed to see in order to sign up. She came in and guzzled the kool-aid right away! She would not shut up about how great it was! I was noticing her results and was curious but I was very skeptical of CrossFit because of all the negative things you hear about it from people who don’t actually do CrossFit but are internet “experts”. This a back when you guys had bring a friend Saturdays and after about the tenth Saturday she asked me too come I caved in.

What was memorable about first starting?
That first bring a friend Saturday was actually a pretty tough partner WOD with tire flips (R.I.P.) Rope climbs and 250 meter runs. I had never climbed a rope before and for those of you who remember Coach Steve. He wasn’t actually a coach yet but was just shadowing or something. He was like “you’re a big strong guy just climb on up there” so I did a legless rope climb and Melissa saw me and quickly told me to never do that again. Long story short about one round into it I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack lol. I wasn’t that pumped on my first experience.

What are your most memorable accomplishments in CrossFit and do you have future goals in CF or fitness related?
So my memorable experiences came in the last calendar year since I decided to make some life changes and have been much more dedicated to taking care of myself and being consistent in the gym. It all started a few months before last year’s Open…my dad got really sick and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and we almost lost him. That experience had me take a real hard look at myself. I realized I was doing all the things that led to him being in that situation. So I started with changing my diet. I started tracking macros on my own (not recommended Danielle is awesome and will make it much easier than how I did it). I also cut out alcohol from life. By doing these few things I was able to have a mind-blowing body transformation in a short period of time.

With my new body, I was able to start doing things in the gym I never thought were possible. In last year’s Open, I got my first bar muscle up followed by 11 more. All of a sudden I had cardio, who knew? I was able to hold my own in workouts with running in them. Then this year’s open was another great experience for me…I got my first ring muscle up followed by nine more. I didn’t know I could do pistols until I knocked out thirty of them. This led to me having to attempt the 225 pound clean and jerk. My previous Squat clean pr was 225 so I knew I could clean it but wasn’t sure about the jerk. With all the adrenaline I power cleaned it then for some unknown reason did a front squat and nailed a perfect push jerk. As far as favorite WODs I love anything with a barbell in it. For future goals I want to work on getting better at the high-level gymnastic movements and any skills I haven’t gotten yet.

Can you describe how your nutrition has affected your journey? Any nutrition philosophies or tips you’d like to share?
I kind of just covered this in the last question. But nutrition has been the biggest factor of my journey. When you start tracking macros it really sheds light on what kind of crap we can put into our body. I used to just eat and drink whatever I wanted and that obviously didn’t work out too good for me. Prior to dialing in my nutrition, I was getting hurt a lot and I believe it was from chronic inflammation from all the sugar and processed food I was consuming. As far as tips go, the app MyFitnessPal has been great. It may seem like a lot of work at first to track everything you eat, but the more you do it the more it becomes your new normal. The best part of tracking is that is not a diet! It also can be kind of fun if you treat it like a game. Like how can I make my numbers with different foods and recipes? It’s not restrictive! When I’m tracking I first log (in advance) a cup of vanilla nonfat frozen yogurt with a Sausalito cookie crumbled on top and work my way backward.

Do you have any advice or mottos that help guide you each day?
I love the Motto “Just Show Up”.  Also, I’ve found that it’s very helpful to associate with the type of people you aspire to be like. We have so many good role models and inspirational athletes at CFPB to look to and strive to be like. We are #blessed.

What advice do you have for the person on the couch who might want to start?
I think you guys have got it really figured out with BeachFit. The last time I came back from an injury I was really out of shape. I went only to BeachFit and it has the perfect combination of cardio and strength training to create a good baseline fitness. This is especially beneficial for those who want to eventually transition to CrossFit. Also for those who are just coming in it can be really intimidating. Just take it one day at a time and celebrate the small wins. For me, it was when I could complete an entire running workout without having to walk even though I was barely running.

What do you enjoy most about CFPB?
The entire experience! We are so lucky to have a world class facility and coaching staff located in such great community! That combination makes CFPB the best gym in the world!

Thank you Scott for being a huge part of our CFPB family!