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Athlete of the Month: Rob Gresham

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Our Male Athlete of the Month for October is Rob Gresham!  Rob has been at CFPB since our Day 1.  It’s his Day 1,150th Day in class, and probably even more since that initial tracking system wasn’t much of a system.   Like most, he was skeptical when he started, but fell in love with the feeling of being on a team again. Rob makes everyone feel like they are on the team too, laughing, joking, and encouraging others.  He says he loves how much fun CrossFit workouts are, and you can tell he’s genuinely having a good time and making sure others do too. Rob is a great dad and role model to two active boys, and gets a lot of help from his wife Katie and mom Tami, both also CrossFitters at CFPB. We are grateful to have Rob (and his family) in our CFPB family!

My story with CrossFit began with the birth of CFPB. My wife Katie and I ran into Buddy and Carol Frezza one night a few months before opening.  Buddy told us about the gym and all the work you guys had been putting into it. Katie had been doing some version of CrossFit/bootcamp for a couple of years but I wasn’t too fond of the idea. I had lots of hobbies and a membership to Gold’s gym and thought I was in overall good shape.

She ended up talking me into attending your first-day soft opening event and I remember driving home with two takeaways. First, I was definitely NOT at the cardio level I had thought. Second, I actually had fun working out. It felt more like baseball practice I did as a kid instead of pushing through another boring workout at Gold’s listening to the same playlist for the 100th time. We were both signed up within the week.

The early days at the gym were a blast, not that its any less fun now. At that point, CrossFit was just starting to explode and I felt like we were all learning and figuring stuff out together. I had grown up playing all the organized sports and also enjoyed individual hobbies like surfing, wakeboarding, freediving, golfing, etc. The thing I loved about CrossFit is that it was almost a blend of two. We were working hard and competing against each other but also suffering together, rooting each other on, and celebrating accomplishments. I still remember getting crushed in workouts by Ben, Andrew, Tony, and Steve but also the feeling of getting my first muscle up back in the “old building”, snatching 135 for the first time, and finally figuring out double-unders.

Looking back, the biggest factors that have kept me at CFPB since day 1 is the number of class options provided and a little consistency on my part. My priorities in life are Faith, Family, Career, then everything else. Since starting the gym, Katie and I had our two boys Grady (5) and Gage (4) and I left a good job with the largest landscape company in the nation to start my own business. Even though we are very busy we always managed to stay consistent, even if our class times are not. I have attended every class time offered and regularly work out 4-6 days per week and never go to the same class time twice. This might seem a little inconsistent but it allows me to insert the gym wherever it may fit that particular day and has also allowed me to workout with almost every member at the gym.

These days my goals at the gym are obviously a little different than they were in the beginning. I still love Olympic lifting and gymnastic movements. I still despise running but force myself to go to every running workout. I still struggle to get to class on time (which is funny because I take punctuality very seriously outside the gym). I’ve lost some of the competitiveness I used to have but have learned a lot about my body and where I can push and what I need to scale back on.


Most importantly, I’ve learned how to really enjoy working out. For me, CrossFit is my road map that will allow me to play sports with my kids and enjoy all of my hobbies with them as they get older. It has also given me a ton of new friends and brought me closer to old friends that I am lucky enough to work out with.

It has kept my family in shape. Everyone in my family has done CrossFit for some length of time and my wife and mom are still going strong. I am grateful for my wife who has balanced me being gone in the early morning hours every day (whether at work or the gym).  She takes care of our boys alongside working her full-time job all while remaining active & fit.  And I need to give a shout out to my mom (Tami) who is a regular at 5am Crossfit or 5:30am BeachFit. With a fourth grandson in her near future, she is determined to be a Strong Grandma who can keep up with all 4.


If I could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about joining CFPB it would be “Just sign up”. It may appear intimidating, but it is not. Leave your doubts and apprehensions outside. Everyone from the owners, to the coaching staff, to the front desk, to the members are amazing. The atmosphere is warm, inviting, and fun. I promise you won’t regret it.