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Athlete of the Month: Nicole Mincey

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Our Female Athlete of the Month for September is Nicole Mincey! Nicole is that smiling face you see in class anywhere from 615 – 915am BeachFit. She’s been a BeachFitter for almost two years and just surpassed 360 workouts! Nicole is always smiling on the outside even when her muscles are crying on the inside.  She came into BeachFit very hesitant about lifting weights and reinjuring her back. For her first year, she barely used any weight larger than a pink kettlebell. But in the past year she’s taken the fear and hesitation she used to have and turned it into the passion and drive to get better. We love Nicole’s attention to coaching and how committed she is to get better and stay healthy and injury-free.  We are grateful to have you in our CFPB family Nicole!
Tell us about yourself and what do you like to do outside the gym?
Well, I’m born and raised here. Married for 13 years and still going strong.  I love to be outside whether it’s fishing, in the woods, or in my own backyard with our dogs.
What got you to try BeachFit? 
I started BeachFit after realizing I needed more of a “workout” than where I was. I had just started working out again and an old back injury made me very skiddish of things like kettlebells and ski machines.
Conquering fear, learning form over speed, and proper coaching gave me the confidence to start progressing. I don’t think I used larger than a pink kettlebell (my choice)for a year. I honestly didn’t ever think I would come close to what I am now capable of!
How has your mindset changed and what advice would you give to others?
Understanding the big picture or long term goal took a while. There will be amazing and awful workouts, if you don’t do them both, you won’t know the difference.
I would look at workouts before like ‘ummm can I do that?’ Now it’s, I’ can do that and what can I do advanced?’.  I have limitations but I still push to see where I can progress. I don’t think arguing with myself during workouts will ever end. I used to hate the bike more than anything, then I had a little trouble last year and ole bike and I became closer than I ever thought. One day I will conquer my mental battle with that thing lol.
Do you have a memorable or favorite workout?
Doing Hero WOD “Murph” this year was a huge accomplishment for me. Having support from fellow members and coaches makes a world of difference. Hearing someone say you are doing great or you’re almost there can go a long way.
How do you stay so consistent? 
Committed club for me is mandatory. No matter what else goes on that month, I make it happen.  Mentally I need the release I get from “just showing up”. Financially it makes sense too. And I’m always down for a sweet shirt at the end of the year!
It is hard to make that initial commitment but man is it worth it in so many ways. I am so thankful for the mental emotional and physical growth that I have achieved in just under two years. Excited for the pr’s to come.
What do you love most about CFPB?
💚Positive and safe environment.
Competent awesome coaches.
No judgement zone.
Structure. I like structure.
Did I say awesome coaches? 🙂
💚Thank you for helping me to be my best me💚