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Athlete of the Month: Katy Martin

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Our Female Athlete of the Month for March is Katy Martin! Katy has been in our BeachFit program since we started it in 2016, and she just passed 650 total workouts! Katy has had an incredible transformation this past year especially. She always had done our in-house nutrition challenges in previous years, but when 2019’s January Challenge was coming just before her 40th birthday, she went all-in. She also had missed 2018’s yearly committed club after making it in the club in 2017. In that challenge alone she lost 12 pounds and 3% body fat. She has continued that amazing progress and since Jan ’19 she has lost over 70 pounds and 15% body fat!!! A truly incredible feat in that short of time, and she accomplished her goal of getting under 200! Her workouts in the gym have been just as impressive. She continues to set new personal records every week and absolutely crushed her BeachFit Spartan time from last year by over 13 minutes! Katy isn’t the only Martin in our CFPB family. She often works out with her mom Elizabeth and her brother and sister-in-law workout on the CrossFit side. You are an inspiration Katy & we are so grateful to have you in the CFPB family!

Katy’s Amazing Transformation as told by InBody Tests

Describe your work and family life for us? A brief background of where you’ve been and what in your journey of life has made you you?

I’ve lived in Jupiter most of my life and I can’t really imagine living anywhere else. It has everything you could possibly want in a hometown without being a huge city. I have a really small close knit family that all live nearby. Obviously my mom, who is amazing and does BeachFit as well. My brother and sister-in-law and their two kids live in Tequesta. I love my niece and nephew more than anything in the world and I love having them so close by and getting to see them whenever I want. As far as work, I’ve worked at FPL for the last 19 years and I am currently a Process Analyst. I really enjoy what I do and it changes frequently from day-to-day, so I have to adjust quickly. So I’m never bored.

What do you do for fun? Any hobbies?

I love anything where I get to hang out with my niece and nephew. They are the two coolest kids and its impossible to not have fun when you’re with them. So we’re always looking for fun, different things to do. I love to go kayaking and last year I started paddleboarding which is really fun. When I want to relax I’m a huge movie junkie and also like to read.

Were you athletic growing up? Did you play sports?

Growing up I was very athletic. I always wanted to be outside running around and doing whatever my brother did. According to my mom, I wanted to follow him into sports because I was jealous of the uniforms he got to wear. I loved softball and basketball and played them year round between all of the different spring/fall/winter seasons, plus summer travel teams. I played both all the way through high school graduation, where I was on the varsity team for both at Suncoast High School.

What did you do for fitness before BeachFit?

Before finding Beachfit, I had tried several things to get back in shape and try to get more active. I joined multiple gyms and tried personal coaching. I would always find excuses not to go and ultimately cancel. I did Orange Theory for a couple of years and I really liked the cardio aspect. It was the first thing I stuck to with any kind of consistency in a long time. After 2 years at Orange Theory I was starting to get bored. They had made some changes and the workouts started to become too routine. That’s when my brother and sister-in-law told me and my mom about a CrossFit-like class at their gym. We were apprehensive because CF always looked so intimidating, but we decided to give it a try. That’s where we met Zach and we really enjoyed the combination of the CF movements and cardio, without feeling pressured to go for super heavyweights.

How did you find/start BeachFit? What was memorable about first starting?
When the gym we had been going to closed and we heard Crossfit Palm Beach was starting up a similar class, we were quick to join up and I think we were at the very first class. It was a little scary because it was a different gym and we didn’t know if there would be more pressure to try and move to CF or not. But Zach was there and Tony and Andrew made it so welcoming right from the start, so it was a really easy transition.

What physical changes have you experienced at CFPB?

I would say the last year or so weight loss has been the biggest change. Even though I was coming fairly regularly my first few years and I felt good, I really wasn’t seeing any major changes in how I looked. But that’s because I wasn’t fully committed. I wasn’t trying to push myself in the workouts and try go a little heavier in the weights or try for the advanced run. I also wasn’t making the right choices when I was eating. I had made the Committed Club in 2017 and then I missed out in 2018 because I had some injuries that kept me out of the gym. Late 2018, I realized that even though I had been going to BeachFit for 3 years, I was at my heaviest weight ever. I was turning 40 in 2019 and I have a father that has lots of health conditions because of his lifestyle choices and I just decided if I didn’t want that to be me, I had to make a change. I signed up for the Nutrition Challenge with Tony and Danielle and I really committed myself to following my macros and coming to the gym more and pushing myself while I was there. I also started walking with my Mom after the workout. At first, it was just a 1-mile walk for an extra bit of light cardio to help with weight loss, then we added a 2nd mile (with an occasional run). I think it really helped as well. I started 2019 at 269 lbs, with the goal of being under 200 lbs by Jan 1, 2020. I passed that goal and so far I’ve lost 81lbs overall.

Do you have future goals in CF or fitness related?

I want to keep pushing myself in BeachFit to get stronger and try for the advanced options more. I’d also like to run more. I’ve worked on it over the last year and I brought my mile time down by over 2 minutes. This next year, I’d like to work on adding distance and running more often. And one day, I will figure out how to master the darn ski erg 😉

Do you do anything for personal growth you’d like to share? Routines, habits, or mottos that help guide you each day?

Honestly making fitness part of my daily routine is the best thing I’ve done for myself, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. I work long hours and have a lot of pressure at work. Starting my morning with a workout is such a great way to start the day off on a positive note and remove any stress from the day before. It’s become such a routine that I miss it when I don’t go in the morning and I try and add an extra walk/run after work if I can. I also sleep better when I workout.

What advice do you have for the person on the couch who might want to start?

Just do it. So cliche, but it’s the truth. BeachFit is so great because anyone can do it. The workouts are all scalable and the coaches are fantastic at providing alternatives. Every class you walk into you see people of all ages, sizes, and capabilities working out together. I think that really speaks to how well the workouts are thought out and how welcoming the atmosphere is. You just have to make yourself go to that first class. That’s really the hardest part, walking through those doors the first time unsure of how it’s going to go. But once you do it, you realize this is something that you can do and it’s totally worth it.

What do you enjoy most about CFPB?

The people. All of the coaches are great and each brings their own unique coaching style. I really enjoy the group of people I get to work out with every morning at 5:30am (or sometimes 4:45am when I have to get to work earlier). We have a really good group of regulars and its nice to see how everyone is improving over time.