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Athlete of the Month: Amy Duell

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Our Athlete of the Month for January is Amy Duell! Amy is one of the friendliest faces you’ll meet at CFPB. You may also recognize her as the girl always making sure you get the best coffee in our area (@ Oceana Coffee of course).  She’s been at CFPB for just over 3 years and over 600 workouts. In 2019, she dialed in her nutrition and lost 20 pounds and 8% body fat in just 5 months. She has always been the “strong girl”, but she’s quickly making her way up those running workout leaderboards too. Amy gives great advice in her blog feature to that person looking to make a change in 2020.  She says,  “Surround yourself with people who can help hold you accountable but also stay positive and push you to be the best you.  Say your goals out loud, write them down, share them with friends and family so you are not keeping them hidden to only yourself.”  You are truly wise beyond your years Amy and we are grateful to have you in the CFPB family!

I am 24 years old and have been doing CrossFit for about 5 years. I got into the sport after high school purely because I was looking for something to do to stay fit after school had ended. I have always been competitive and grew up playing multiple sports throughout my life. CrossFit ended up being the perfect match for my needs and my personality.

I have been going to CrossFit Palm Beach for over three years now and still consider it to be the best fitness facility I have ever been a part of. I have been a member at three other gyms prior to CFPB and can say without a doubt that the CFPB facility and community is like no other.

I moved to Jupiter in 2011 while I was a junior in high school from Waynesville, North Carolina (just outside of Asheville). My father who is now deceased was very sick at the time so I moved down to be with my mother. I quickly found out the salt life in Jupiter was much different than the mountain life I was used to…

I was working my way through finishing high school and looking for an after school job when a new coffee shop had just opened in the our little village…Yep… You guessed it… Oceana Coffee! Eight years later you can still find me at Oceana building and growing a caffeine-fueled business with my coffee family Amy and Scotty Angelo. I feel so blessed to spend my time outside of CFPB working in our business and in a community that I love – I love seeing so many members on a daily basis in the shops. It really is amazing how connected we all are.

My personal growth and health in the past year have been pretty amazing. I have always seen myself as confident, positive and hardworking – But at the same time can find it hard to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Being an introvert at heart can also be challenging when it comes to wanting to do everything on my own and not always being okay with admitting I may need some help to get started… Enter in Austin and Danielle.

Danielle and her nutrition coaching have been nothing short of life-changing. I have drastically changed the way I look at food and the nutrients that my food contains. Once I saw results within the first few months of following her guidelines I was hooked. Danielle has taught me so much about personal love, patience, and enjoying the process of staying committed to a cleaner lifestyle. I know that I would not be where I am today physically without her help.

Austin and his personalized extra programming have also helped me grow as an athlete and individual. Coming to the gym every day and following his programming forces me to do things I may not have practiced on my own. Austin has taught me to learn to love the chase of becoming a quicker and stronger athlete across the board. He has also shown me how rewarding it can be to take the time and effort to work on the skills you may not be the best at. The adrenaline and motivation you get once you start crushing your fitness goals makes you want to keep working and pushing that much harder.

To the person on the couch who may be afraid to start – My advice from personal experience would be to surround yourself with people who can help hold you accountable but also stay positive and push you to be the best you.  Say your goals out loud, write them down, share them with friends and family so you are not keeping them hidden to only yourself.

I know that people like Scotty, Jimbo, Danielle, and Austin will always be there to help me get up and get back on track even after a bad day or workout. That makes all the difference. Support systems and feeling comfortable enough in a space to push yourself further every day is a huge key to growth.

The beauty about CFPB is that as soon as you walk through the doors you automatically gain a massive support system and amazing people to help you be the best you every day. It is my favorite hour of the day – always.

…And I am always trying to reach my goal of catching Scotty and Jimbo on the running workouts… One day! HA!

Thank you again for all that you do to make me a better person. You and Andrew have truly helped to change my life.


Thank you Amy for being a huge part of our CFPB family!