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April Athlete of the Month – Tony Bennett

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Congratulations Tony Bennett

Pretty much everyone knows this man from the morning classes (with the occasional evening appearance when his schedule binds him to it) This guy has made a 180 degree transformation from 2018 to now. It has been noticeable, not only in his class performance, but in his 2019 Open performances. Tony sought nutritional guidance as well as personal coaching to give him the extra attention and edge in his movements. He has worked diligently at attaining mastery in his movement and has made big gains in the gym.  Congratulations, Tony! 

Read more about who he is and get a glimpse of why we chose him in his interview below:

Tell us a little about yourself. 

I am a 37 year old Personal Injury Attorney.  I was lucky enough to have married Kelly in 2011.  Kelly and I have two little ones, Dylan and Avery and a teenager, Baylee, heading off to college this year (we will be attending both VPK and High School graduation in May!)

What’s something about you that others may not know about you?  Any special talents, hobbies, or interests? 

I got my first tattoo when I was 16 with a fake ID by a guy named “Freak.”  This was a poor decision. Lol I’ve been a avid heavy metal since I was 12.  My parents would always tell me that I would grow out of it.  Got em! I am the only person I know who went to law school to help people. 

What do you like to do outside the gym?

What’s outside the gym? Ha!

Surf.  Play with the  kids. Chase my wife around for attention.  Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

When did you start CrossFit?  Why did you decide to join CrossFit at that time?  What do you remember most about when you first started?

I started shortly after Kelly around August 2015.  Our dear friend Matt Fiorello has been on my case about joining so I finally caved when Kelly started enjoying it.  I was personally having trouble staying motivated to be fit and Crossfit seemed like a real change of pace.  I had always hated group fitness.

I remember more than anything my first one on one with Tony Frezza.  When I got home, I passed out on the floor in my living room for 45 minutes.  Kelly almost called the ambulance when she came home and found me. lol

What new belief, behaviors, or habits, adopted since you started BeachFit/CrossFit, have most positively impacted your life?

Easily my love for working out with a group.  I’ve made so many friends outside of work and couldn’t be happier.  The positive energy between friends through the gym has enhanced every aspect of my life.  I had always worked out alone and now can’t imagine a work out without somebody encouraging or making fun of me.

What has been your most memorable workout?

My most memorable WOD was “Fio”: I am so thankful to CFPB and everyone who attended this WOD for our friend.   I cried at times during the morning we sent my friend off.  Everyone around Kelly and I that morning was so warm and thoughtful.  I had never been more appreciative of the CFPB community that has welcomed us than that day.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto that you live by?

Too many to list actually.  However, I refuse to believe that I have limits.  Yes, I know that I’m not going to ever dunk a basketball.  But if I accept that limitation, I’ll stop trying -J

Have you had any setbacks since starting CrossFit, what have you done to overcome them?

Several.  Knicks and dings here and there.  Rest and some occasional physical therapy has always helped.  Heavy emphasis on rest though.  The body needs to be cared for and nourished when we work out this hard.

What is the most worthwhile investment you have made since starting CrossFit?

Nutrition coaching.  22 pounds later and no “gut” issues anymore.  Nothing short of life changing.

Also, time.  The discipline to work on different movements day in and day out.  Investing the time to show up and move is the exact example I want to set for my kids.


The stages of Mr. Bennett in just a few short months!

What do you do on days when you don’t “feel” like going to the gym, what keeps you motivated?

I tend to flog myself emotionally. 

I ask a simple question of myself.  Do I feel tired or lazy?  If I’m tired, I probably need to rest my body.  If I feel lazy, I don’t want to see that guy again.  I have no tolerance for lazy.

What do you love most about CrossFit Palm Beach?

The people and how comfortable we have all become with each on a personal level.  I trust many of the people I’ve made friends with.  Before CFPB I was far more withdrawn and I’m very thankful that has change.

What have you become better at saying NO to, and what approaches have worked for you?

Pizza.  I look at pictures of my roundness before I started counting macros.  That’s all the motivation I’ll ever need.