My name is Andrew Frezza, and my brother Tony and I opened CrossFit Palm Beach back in December of 2012. We have a passion for helping people change their lives through health and fitness. It is our mission to take the intimidation out of CrossFit for those looking to get started.

We are truly a family-run facility, and we try to make everyone who walks through our doors feel like family. Our dad, who is 69, does CrossFit with us, and will probably be one of the first people to greet you when you walk through our doors for the first time. My mom, who just turned 60, loves our BeachFit program, and can usually be found at the 8 or 9 am classes a few days per week. Our wives also work out at CrossFit Palm Beach, and our kids have already started imitating the moves they see us doing all the time in the gym.

We believe that working out should be fun and challenging, and that people perform their best in a team environment that is motivating, supportive, and will hold you accountable. CrossFit Palm Beach is more than just a workout; we strive to be the best hour of your day. When we ask our members what they love most about CrossFit Palm Beach, it is always the people, the community, or the family atmosphere that they love most.

We also have a jaw-dropping facility. We are one of the only CrossFit facilities in the world that has 2 buildings right next door to each other, over 12,000 square feet of workout space, and full air-conditioning which is critical during those hot summer months.

We’d love for you to set up a FREE No-Sweat Intro to learn more about us and to give us an opportunity to learn more about you. It will only take about 20-30 minutes, and it will allow us to learn more about your goals, health and injury history, and tailor a program that will work for you. You can call us at 561-676-3710 to set that up.

CrossFit Palm Beach

A family-run facility offering fun and challenging workouts. Come experience our community.



Coach Andrew

Being around awesome motivated people each day and helping others achieve what they thought never could be possible.
I enjoy playing soccer and cooking for my family. I also really like adventuring and experiencing new restaurants. My new obsession is spending as much time as possible with my wife and newborn baby, Cooper Joseph.

I lived in London with Nikki for almost 3 months. London is where I found my passion for health and fitness, specifically CrossFit. The Crossfit gym I was going to while there was CrossFit Central London. I saw how much of an emphasis was on actually coaching and thought I would be a good coach some day in some fashion. I asked myself where I spend most of my time, and every time I came back to health and fitness.

Coach Tony

My favorite part about owning and coaching at CFPB is definitely the people I get to see every day. I’d put working out and making connections with people right up there next to breathing, drinking, and eating. I’m very fortunate to have a place where I can do both every single day. And the people, the people at CFPB are amazing. They are caring, motivating, positive individuals all supporting each other every which way possible. I love that our gym attracts the people we do and helps them become even better versions of themselves.
When I’m not at the gym I love playing with my two kids, Dylan who’s 3 years old, and Arielle who’s almost 1, and my wife Shannon usually tags along as well. I joke because she is their whole life; she takes care of them 24/7, a job harder than mine. My gym family is so important to me, but I always have to make time for my family at home. I can’t really point out anything specific we love doing because it’s always changing as they grow. There is nothing that makes me happier than spending time with them.
Something people may not know about me is that I enjoy creating and building things, and really love manual labor as weird as that sounds. Before CrossFit, I made money building beer pong tables and cornhole boards for people. I also re-furnished pieces I found on Craigslist and resold them. I love taking on projects where I can bring a whole new life to them. When we opened our CrossFit buildings I loved all the design, demo, and renovation work we got to do. In addition to all that good stuff, I built both check-in “bars” you see at CFPB, as well as the cubbies and entertainment housings in both buildings. If I wasn’t a CrossFit coach, I would love to be a professional house flipper. Although, CrossFit does provide me with a great outlet to create transformations instead of houses or projects, I get to transform lives and the bodies that house them.

Coach Dominic

The people! Interacting with people of all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, etc. and watching them transform into their best selves!
I really love to take my dogs to the park and relax and watch them just love every minute of life!
I am a two-time all American collegiate lacrosse player as well as a national champion.

Coach Zach

I love meeting and working with new people all the time. I’m very passionate about bringing a fitness lifestyle to everyone, especially those who think that it isn’t possible for them!
I love playing golf, music, and spending time with my wife and two pups.
I am deathly afraid of airplanes, even seeing one on TV will freak me out (ask my wife).

Coach Megan

Watching people grow each day is something I really enjoy. In the classes, I can see mental and physical changes of people. Seeing them notice these changes, as well, and having that “ah ha” moment is the icing on the cake.
I really enjoy being at home with Steve (my husband) and my cats, plain and simple, they are all I need.
I have a secret love for karaoke and am secretly really good at it. I used to be in the choir when I was a kid, so naturally when I see a karaoke machine I get really excited!

Coach Steve

I love that each day we get to interact with people from all different walks of life. Each person has their own story, goals and accomplishments. As a coach we get to help motivate, guide and assist our community members toward whatever their fitness goals may be, whether it’s an elite athlete or someone who wants to move and feel better.
My wife and time together is most important to me. Date nights are my favorite! I grew up racing off road motorcycles and motocross. This will forever be my favorite passion and drive! I love racing and pushing myself to progress. I also enjoy mountain biking, running and camping.
Many people don’t know I spent time on an African Buffalo breeding farm working with some of Africa’s most dangerous animals.

Coach Rose

Being able to make people feel more confident in themselves. Seeing the look on an athletes face after they learn a new skill or PR a lift is the most rewarding thing ever!
I love to go to the beach with my weenie dogs, eat lots of good food, and drink coffee!
I had a stroke when I was 19, and I truly believe the reason I was able to make such a fast and strong recovery was because I started CrossFit at such a young age.

Coach Whitney


CrossFit Palm Beach

A family-run facility offering fun and challenging workouts. Come experience our community.