Child Care

CrossFit Palm Beach Child Care

We know how important it is to get your workout in as a parent! We provide supervised childcare 6 days a week so you can sweat with peace of mind! Our kids room is fully equipped with toys, art supplies, games, DVD's and more. Our kids room staff will make sure you get the best hour of your day in so you can spend the other 23 hours giving them your best self.
We know how important cleanliness is for parents so we follow a strict cleaning schedule for our kids room. Each day we clean the floors and surfaces. Once a week ALL toys are deep soaked and dried before Monday morning.
If you have a child (or two, or three!) you would like to bring in while you workout we just ask that you fill out waivers for them in advance at our front desk. The cost is simply $1.00 per child per class you attend.  Click HERE for our full schedule of childcare and which classes are covered. We look forward to meeting your littles!