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8 Reasons to Drink More Water

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Hydration – We know it’s important, we hear it time and time again, but do we really know why?

Here are some of the top reasons why hydrating is crucial for weight loss and performance.

1. Helps Regulates Body Temp – During exercise we are constantly sweating and excreting electrolytes and potassium as a self-cooling mechanism. If we don’t replenish our water, our body temp will continue to rise and become dehydrated!

2. Boosts energy and metabolism-Drinking water has been shown to create an increase in metabolism, which also results in an influx of energy! Drinking water regularly has been shown to increase metabolic rates by 30%! On the flip side, dehydration has been shown to make us tired, and mistakenly hungry. You body sometimes may think that your body needs food for energy, when ultimately you just need more water!

3. Protects Your Joints, Spinal Cord, and Tissue – Water helps cushion your joints, flush out inflammation, and adds lubrication. It might not make you squat 300 lbs, but it’ll help keep you healthy until you get there!

4. Helps You Excrete Waste – Your kidneys help filter out waste through urination and other bodily functions. Drinking enough water helps keep it regular!

5. Aids in Digestion – Drinking water before and after helps us break down food when we eat it. It helps our body work less and absorb more! Leading us into point #6.

6. Nutrient absorption – Water helps dissolve and absorb minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, and helps distribute them throughout the body.

7. Cognitive function – Water has shown to affect your alertness, short- term memory, and focus.

8. Promotes healthy skin – Drinking adequate water promotes collagen production – which gives us healthy hair, skin and nails! Keep your skin hydrated!

So how much do you need? Around 80 oz of water for females and around 125 oz for males is a good place to start, but that doesn’t take into account our hot Florida climate, or what we sweat out during exercise. Try and get a minimum of 100oz up to body weight in water – especially when you’re at the gym getting sweaty!

If you’re wondering how you could possibly get that in:

Try these little tricks

-Adding a fresh lemon or lime to your water

-Use a straw or a cup you like. CFPB sells some nice cups 😉

-Set a reminder on your phone to drink a bottle every few hours

-Always drink a bottle of water on the way to the gym and on the way home

-Drink a glass before and after each meal

-Dilute a La Croix into thirds with water

-Avoid drinking other things until you’ve hit your goal, or follow the 1 to 1 rule. One serving of water for every non-water beverage


Happy Sipping, Friends!

-Coach Danielle