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4th Annual Dodgeball Tournament Saturday 4.29.17

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CFPB Dodgeball Tournament is coming Saturday, April 29th!

The tournament will take place at NOON in the south gym! (We will run our normal 8 and 9 am classes in both buildings)

How to sign up – The sign up sheet is located at the white board in the South gym.  You can choose to sign up as an individual, or sign up as a complete 6-person team.  If you sign up as an individual, you will be randomly placed with 5 of your fellow CFPBers.  If you are creating your own team, each team will need to be Coed and include at least 2 females per team.  If forming a team, please designate a team captain, come up with a team name, and create/purchase a team uniform that you can wear during competition.  The more ridiculous the uniform, the better.