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2020 CrossFit Games Open: Everything To Know

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The Open is here again and it has been officially moved to October/November moving forward!  Because of the Open changing from February/March to October/November, this is the first and only year we will have 2 Opens in the same calendar year!

IF you would prefer to listen to this content it has been published on our Living Superhuman Fitness Podcast. It includes more of the “why” behind this year’s changes. You can also view the video on our Youtube channel here. 

Before we get too deep into the details of how this year will be different from previous year’s Opens, let’s first review what the Open is for those that might be taking on their first Open this year.

What is the Open?

·         The Open is a worldwide CrossFit competition that CrossFit athletes from all around the world participate in.

·         CrossFit Headquarters releases one workout a week for 5 weeks (Every Thursday at 8 pm), and everyone who participates in the Open must complete the workout and submit their scores by the following Monday at 8 PM.   The first workout will be released Thursday, October 10th, and the final workout will be due by Monday, November 11th.

·         Scores are tracked on a worldwide leaderboard, so you can see where you rank by sex, age group, state, country, inside your affiliate, or compared to yourself in previous years.

·         For the top CrossFit athletes in the world, the Open is a qualifying route for the annual CrossFit Games, which happens every August.  For most of us mortals, it’s simply a fun community event that allows us to step out of our comfort zone and test our fitness to previous years and to other fellow CrossFitters from around the world.

·         Typically, the Open has been held every February and March, but due to some major changes to the CrossFit Games, the Open is now moving to October and November, where it will be at the beginning of the CrossFit Games competitive season.

·         The Open we did this past spring was for the 2019 CrossFit Games, which wrapped up in August.  The Open we will be doing this fall will be kicking off the 2020 CrossFit Games season, which will take place in August 2020.

In recent years at CrossFit Palm Beach, we have typically performed the Open workouts in our normal Friday CrossFit classes, and then cancelled the 5 and 6 pm CrossFit classes on Friday nights to run a weekly Friday Night Bar Fights event.

This year, we want to try something new, and will be doing the Open workouts on Saturday mornings instead of Fridays.  While we love the camaraderie and fun that comes about through the Friday Night Bar Fights and our in-house team competition, we don’t want this to become repetitive or stale since we had 2 Opens this year.

Another change this year is we will not be incorporating the Open into our BeachFit weekly programming.  We will continue to program BeachFit workouts as we typically do throughout the rest of the year.  We’ve just found that most of our BeachFit members aren’t nearly as invested in the Open, and that we can create a better class experience by programming as we normally do, and not having to guess what the Open workout will be, or change things at the last minute.

While we expect to return back to Friday Night Bar Fights in the fall of 2020, these updates to this year’s Open will have some key benefits for those that participate (or don’t participate) in this year’s Open.

·         Our CrossFit and BeachFit programming will stay consistent through the Open.  For CrossFit, this means we will continue to have 3-4 days of strength work throughout the week, most notably being that we can continue to do strength training on Fridays where in the past we would’ve substituted the Open workout.

·         Everyone will have an extra day to prepare for the Open workouts.  This will allow people to go into the workouts with more purpose and strategy, and allow them to manage their volume better on Thursday and Friday so they aren’t too sore or beat up going into the Open test.

·         Allow for more intermingling and community-building between different class times.  While Friday nights certainly brought out athletes from different class times, we still had a lot of people that were limited to their normal workout schedule and couldn’t participate in the Friday Night Bar Fights events.  Since everyone will be doing the workout on Saturday in a 4 hour window, it will be a fun way for all of us to be there to support each other and push each other through the workouts.

·         Will keep the competition completely free for anybody that wants to participate.  Athletes are welcome to sign up on, but there is no requirement to sign up or pay in order to do the workouts on Saturday mornings.  In fact, you are more than welcome to do the workout on Saturdays, even if you don’t care about the Open at all and just want to get a good workout in.

Here’s how the Open will work each week and how to participate:

·         All class schedules will run as normal throughout the Open, except for our Saturday morning CrossFit classes.  We will be replacing our Saturday morning CrossFit classes with “heats” that will run from roughly 7 am to 11 am that morning.  There will be rolling heats throughout the entire morning, and the schedule will depend on the length of the workout and the number of athletes we can fit in each heat.  (Example: If the Open workout is a 15 minute AMRAP where we can fit 12 athletes per heat, then we will likely have heats at 7 AM, 7: 25 AM, 7:50 AM, 8:15 AM, etc.)

·         Athletes will be able to sign up for the heats every Thursday night after the workout is announced.  Anyone that wants to do the workout can sign up for their designated heat in the ZenPlanner app, just as you would normally register for classes.

·         The main difference between this and our normal classes is that we will have a warm-up posted on the board, so you will be responsible for warming up on your own and being ready for the heat you signed up for at that designated time.

·         We also highly recommend that you coordinate with another person in advance to be your judge, especially if you are planning to submit your score on the CrossFit Games website.  Or at the very least, offer to judge someone in the heat after you have finished.  If you are simply doing the Open workouts for fun, then you don’t need to have a judge, and can just participate in the workout like you would on any other day.

·         For those that want to do the Open workouts, but can’t make it on Saturdays between 7 and 11 AM, please reach out to us by email and let us know your availability.  The next best time to do the Open workout is Sunday between 8 am and Noon during our normal open gym hous, but we can try to accommodate you at another time if you reach out.

This past spring, we instituted a “one and done” rule to our in-house team competition.  While we aren’t doing the team competition this Fall, we highly recommend continuing to stick with only one attempt this year.  We’ve found that this significantly decreases the injury risk of the Open, while maximizing the excitement and fun of the Open competition.  If anybody wants to reattempt any of the Open workouts, then it will need to be done during Open gym hours.

We are looking forward to the first workout announcement on October 10th and are excited to see many of you guys on Saturday October 12th taking on 20.1.