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BeachFit Week of Workouts 4.1.19

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April 1st brings us into a whole new quarter!

Monday 4.1.19

“All Jokes Aside”

In 12:00 build to your heaviest:

8 Bulgarian split squat / leg (30X1)

*After each set Complete: 6-8 Inverted Barbell Row (Adv: Strict Pull up; 20X1)


Tabata x 6/station 

Burpees to Plate 

Plate Jumps

Plate Ground to OH 


Coaches Notes:

Today we are implementing two new movements for our strength segment to start the day. Make sure you record your weight for part A in Sugar wod today. 


Tuesday 4.2.19

“Push It To The Limit”

Every 3:00 for 18:00 (6 Rds) complete:

21/16 cal Row

10 SA DB Push Press / arm 


Core Wod 


Coaches Notes:

Today is a similar workout to last Wednesday that will require you to really push the output on the Erg and create a very high intensity, except this week it is a longer interval with all your work on the Row!



Wednesday 4.3.19

“Honest Abe” (Compare: 8.28.18)


250 meter Run (Adv: 400 m)

20 Air Squats (Adv: 25 reps)

7 Ring rows (20X1; Adv: Strict Pull ups)

7 Push ups (Adv: 10 reps)


Coaches Notes:

Today is a simple but long workout with the focus on running and bodyweight movements. Picking a pace to start out with that will be manageable for the long haul is the goal. We want to feel like we can maintain and push it in the last couple of minutes.


Thursday 4.4.19 

“Battle Cry”


100 meter Double KB Front Rack Carry 

30 seconds of Battle Ropes 

30 seconds of Wall Sit (Adv: Add Weight)

7 Banded Wood Chops(High/Low) / Side

7-10 Bent over Lateral Raises 


Coaches Notes:

Today is a FBB/ performance care day Stress the importance of quality, intentional movements and try to embrace some newer movements and have fun with it Today!


Friday 4.5.19


In 8:00 build to a heavy 10 rep Double KB Suitcase DL (20X1)

*Rest 60-90 seconds between sets



Min 1: 10/7 Bike Erg (Adv: 12/9)

Min 2: 15 RKBS 

Min 3: 10/7 Ski Erg (Adv: 12/9)

Min 4: 15 Straight Leg Sit ups (Adv: Cross Arms)


Coaches Notes:

Today is a great strength test for us on a deadlifting movement we have not done since well before the open. Part B will also be a very good challenge to try and stick with the clock for all 4 rounds! 


Saturday 4.6.19

Beach Wod – No classes at the gym – open gym from 7am-9am only


Sunday 4.7.19

“Deck of Cards”

AMCAP 22 – Teams of 3

Hearts: Rope lowers (Total; one teammate working at a time)

Clubs: Box Jump overs 

Diamonds: Alt. DB Snatches 

Spades: V ups 

Joker: 100 m empty Sled push (One teammate working at a time)

Face cards = 10 reps


Coaches Notes:

Good ole fun today! It’s been a while since we have done this one, beware of the jokers!